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The Battle of Stamberg

2020.11.25 11:34 EW_Entrican The Battle of Stamberg

A note from the transcriber—
A few years ago I was doing some research in Vienna for a paper I was writing, and had been digging through the old State Archives for a week or so. I’d spent one particularly grey afternoon sifting through boxes of letters and manilla envelopes, and was about to leave with my portfolio when I discovered a small, wooden box buried between some ledgers.
It was dark, well-varnished, and decorated with silver latches, but its most impressive feature was an exquisitely detailed carving of a rook holding an arrow in its beak in the centre of the lid. While I don’t pretend to have any knowledge of antiques, I could tell that it was very old.
Having looked through its contents, I found a number of documents I can only describe as unusual. The first of these I read were the letters, diaries and personal effects of one Friedrich Holzer, whose life I have begun to piece together.
I won’t bore you with any of the minute details, but I will say that Holzer seemed to be a very normal young man who was perhaps slightly prone to nervous tendencies. Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War he decided to enlist as an infantry officer. In January, 1915, he was posted to the Galician Front as a second lieutenant, where he found himself part of a large counterattack.
I have done my best to transcribe what he wrote on the night of February 23rd, 1915, in a lengthy letter to his sister a month after an incident which he describes in great detail—the Battle of Stamberg..
Finally, it is worth mentioning that I have searched online and read through several books about the War in the east, but have found no account of the Battle of Stamberg, or any record at all of a place by that name. It therefore may be reasonably assumed that either Stamberg is the German name for a place called something else in Ukrainian, or that these are merely the mental ramblings of a shell-shocked young officer. Perhaps I have simply become the victim of an elaborate hoax.
However, there is also another possibility, although it isn’t one to which I give much credence, this being that the Austro-Hungarian General Staff and War Ministry took measures during or after the War to make sure that the town was forgotten, along with the ‘battle’ to which it lent its name, and in which Holzer took part.
What follows are his words alone.
February 23rd, 1915
Dear Maria
I apologize for this late letter but my mind has been otherwise preoccupied. I pray you are keeping well in this dismal season, and that you are not too lonely in the house without your Paul. I hope you find some solace in the company of little Anna; please do give her all my love. I am forlorn to have been without you all these last six months, but God willing I will return soon. I wish I could say that I am well, Maria, but I am not.
This is a very strange country. Somehow the little roads, the emptied fields and tracks of unchecked woodland no longer lend themselves to pleasant thoughts, but now instill in me nothing more than an itching sense of dread. As you know, dear sister, I am, by some degree, an apprehensive man, but I fear that there is something else in this wild land working at great cost to my spirit.
My mind has grown restless. I cannot help but glance behind the company every so often, and I find myself peering into the trees for hours in the evening. My dreams have been unsettling of late. Distant thoughts of home, now buried in my memory, drive away madness, but I fear I am succumbing to a festering anxiety. This attack of nerves would not be so troubling if I did not know the cause, but as it is, I do.
I have avoided the subject of Stamberg for a month now, but this morning, looking at the date, I could not believe that it has indeed been a month since our company advanced upon that place. I would censor myself more carefully, Maria, but as I am doubtful of any strategic significance in my account, and as my C.O. has ceased inspecting officers’ letters, I feel that I can report the incident while remaining within the limits of my duty.
Neither my men nor fellow officers have spoken of the battle, but I feel it is my responsibility to recall the events of the night of January 23rd, 1915, so that some record of it remains in the event of my capture or injury in the campaign.
Our division was facing the Russians, who had taken much ground in their last offensive, but their lines were cut short by trekking into difficult terrain. The mountains and hills here are unforgiving, and they had stopped with the arrival of the winter. In our sector the new front lay along some nameless river at the bottom of a valley, beyond which lay a strip of villages and hamlets. The location of our counterattack centered around three of these settlements, one of which was Stamberg, with which our regiment had been tasked with capturing.
Our attack began in the early morning but our company was so hindered by the snow that it was not until late afternoon that we reached the riverbank. Fortunately, the enemy had not been able to dig into the winter earth, and their defences crumbled without much difficulty. Nevertheless, they blew the bridge before we managed to take it, and though it was a shallow river, we could not ford the regiment at once over the ice. Instead, a detachment of the Bohemian Dragoons was sent ahead to run off any of the enemy stragglers, and an hour after they had crossed, our company was ordered ahead, with Captain Pisano leading the advance.
The village was separated from the river by an orchard, which was so unkempt and snow-swept that we could not pass through it in a skirmish line, and instead had to march by column up the narrow road. Every so often we would see an abandoned Maxim gun or an artillery carriage, and other evidence of the enemy’s withdrawal. Pisano remarked that we might be driving the Russians out of the Carpathians once and for all, but none of us believed it.
We had not marched for very long before Sergeant Krupp spotted a large pillar of smoke climbing out from above the trees. Indeed, having passed ahead, we all began to see a billowing black cloud rising from the direction of the village. He posited that the Russians must have torched it before they left, and that they truly were a barbaric people, though at the time I thought it more likely that it had been shelled by our artillery.
We arrived at a dry-stone wall that demarcated the village. It seemed to consist of two broad streets at a crossroads, in the middle of which was a narrow square and a church. Upon entering, Pisano ordered us to fan out and proceed with caution, and slowly, we entered Stamberg.
The first thing I noticed was the marked absence of citizenry. Private Reidl pointed out a row of outlying cottages where several horses had huddled together. I sent him to lead them out, where upon inspection we found that they were carrying saddlebags bearing the markings of the Bohemian Dragoons. We moved through the village carefully, checking every corner. However, as we approached the square, it became evident that no Russians remained. Half-emptied ammunition boxes were littered all over the main road, where mules drawing supply carts had been shot.
Upon entering the square I saw a group of twenty or so soldiers, as well as a young officer guarding a large pile of firewood by the church. Above them, the steeple was ablaze, sending clouds of black smoke up into the darkening sky. I estimated that there was no more than an hour of daylight left. As they saw us, one of them, the officer, strode towards us.
He began yelling that it was ‘about bloody time we showed up’. Captain Pisano, who is not one to suffer impertinence, demanded his name and regiment. He was one Lieutenant Farkas of the Dragoons, and gave a half-hearted salute upon the realising that he was speaking to a superior officer.
Pisano asked where his C.O. had got to, and Farkas explained that shortly after they arrived at the emptied village, they heard potshots being fired from the east. Major Rubeck, the commander, took the battalion into the eastern woods to drive out any remaining soldiers. Pisano cast an eye skyward, and asked whether the blazing church had been the Russians’ doing.
‘No sir, it’s a sniper nest,’ replied Farkas, ‘There’s five or six of the bastards up there, but the flames will flush them out. They stopped firing some time ago.’
‘For God’s sake man, why the hell didn’t you just ask them to surrender?’ cried the captain.
The lieutenant told him that they had refused to come down, and that the fire had been lit by the Hungarians.
‘What Hungarians?’ asked the confounded Pisano.
Farkas pointed at the soldiers guarding the woodpile, the meagre command left at the lieutenant’s disposal.
‘You mean they’re not your lot?’
Farkas responded in the negative, and said that the men had been there upon the Dragoons’ arrival. They were apparently from a Hungarian regiment that had gotten lost en route to its objective.
Hearing that, Pisano began to interrogate the soldiers, who were all fairly rattled by my estimation. He asked them when they had become separated from their unit, how long they had been lost for, and what their objective was. They said that they were a reconnaissance party, they had been separated for no more than twenty minutes, and that their objective was the adjacent village to the east.
‘That’s impossible, sir.’ remarked Sergeant Krupp, ‘That’s eight kilometres away. It would take an hour at least to get over that terrain.’
‘Not to mention the Russians,’ I added.
We all looked towards the crooked hill that marked the eastern woodland. Pisano asked whether they had found any Russian pickets in the woods. They said no, that the only resistance they encountered were the snipers in the church. He asked where the townspeople had got to, and both Farkas and the Hungarians said that Stamberg was deserted, but that there were still fires burning the grates of the houses.
‘What are you talking about?’ demanded the captain, ‘You mean to say the villagers just packed up and left?’
Farkas said that they likely fled when the battle began, but this was easily dismissed considering the only direction they could flee to was the north, towards the enemy lines. We were left without any plausible explanation, only that perhaps the Russians had forced them to leave with them, but none of us could reason why. As the sun gradually dipped below the horizon, Pisano took a brief circular walk about the village square. He took off his cap and lit a cigarette, which dangled limply from his mouth.
‘What on earth is going on?’ he finally said in a flustered tone, ‘There’s a battalion of rogue dragoons chasing shots in the woods, a dozen lost Hungarians guarding a ghost town, and not a fraction of enemy resistance save the bloody pacifist snipers in a burning steeple.’
He threw the cigarette into the snow, muttering that it was damned fortunate the Russians were more incompetent than we were, otherwise the offensive would have ended up a complete disaster. I postulated that perhaps the enemy was readying an ambush, to which the captain nodded, darting his eyes this way and that. He was evidently distracted, and I must confess that I too was stricken by a feeling that we were being observed from somewhere far off.
He reasoned that once Rubeck and his Dragoons returned, the village would be about as secure as it could be. I was certainly looking forward to the prospect of moving onwards tomorrow morning, and I could see that the men, who had been resting in and around the square, taking staggered sips from their canteens, were similarly on edge.
About that time, just as the darkness was settling in, second company converged on our position. Pisano approached their captain, the two conversing about the mode of tomorrow’s attack. Just then, the air was pierced by the sound of distant shots. Farkas said that Rubeck must be seeing off the last Russians, and he started for the eastern boundary, the rest of us following in quick pursuit.
However, as we gained a view of the wooded hill, we saw no cavalrymen, but rather watched as a lone horse emerged from the tree-line and galloped towards us. Krupp took its reins as it trotted onto the road, and it let out an unsettling whinny as it was brought forward. The sergeant tried to calm it and Pisano caught onto the saddlebag, which, like the others, bore the Dragoons’ regimental symbol. The second company captain remarked that Rubeck was a fool for leading a cavalry charge into such a forested area, but Pisano was too distracted to agree.
‘There’s something wrong here,’ he said. More sporadic shots rang out as he made hurried decisions with the other captain. It was quickly decided that the reinforcing troops would secure the village from the north while our company combed the forest.
We marched towards the wood under the light of a signal flare which Pisano fired off as we advanced. There was absolute quiet in the ranks, and the only sound was the distant din of the steeple giving way, and the very sudden shots from the woods that marked the enemy’s final resistance. As we entered the forest, it was plain to see even in the dim light that it bore the hallmarks of a skirmish. Gashes from hurried shots marked a good number of tree trunks, rifles had been abandoned in the snow, and the whole place reeked of cordite.
I bade my section to be careful of the ridge-line, for that was where the enemy had the advantage. We were going uphill, and atop the summit lay a series of rocky outcrops, only distantly visible through the trees, which I reasoned must be an excellent vantage point, and which Rubeck’s cavalry must have been unfortunately deterred by. Quietly, Pisano ordered my section to cover the right flank. With that, we departed north, maintaining a view of the ridge, but removing ourselves from the sight of the rest of the company.
Pisano’s plan was to surround the central position, and then converge, hopefully dispersing the remaining Russians. By now, I believe, the captain presumed the Dragoons to have scattered into the woods, and that it was up to us to secure the position.
What had begun as a sparse forest had grown ever denser, and increasingly darker. I heard the noise of another flare being let off, and as the yellow light played upon the trees surrounding us, their spindly shadows gently undulated inwards. Another sharp explosion set me on edge. This one was close. We all crouched down, and cautiously fanned out. I was doing my best to keep us on the base of the hill, but it seemed that any way we went we were inevitably going upwards. The air was marked by a distinct stillness. No birds were sent rocketing upwards after the shot, the only sound was the muffled crunch of snow compacting under our boots.
Just as the flare began to die away, I caught a glimpse of a soldier amongst the trees. Not able to judge him friend or foe, I fumbled with my electric lamp, and once I’d got it working aimed it in his direction. In the yellow lamplight I quickly recognized the figure’s brown uniform, and while reaching for my pistol, called for Krupp, who was next to me. The old sergeant raised his rifle and discharged a round in the direction of the Russian.
The shot must have connected, for the soldier flew back with some force, though strangely enough he didn’t make a sound. I daren’t say it, Maria, but it was rather like he was being violently hoisted backwards. We all crouched amongst the trunks, afraid to go any farther forward. Silence descended again, and I scanned the trees with my lamp. As I was about to give the order to move off, someone let out a startling cry and we all turned back. Reidl exclaimed that Corporal Brecht was gone. I demanded to know what he meant, but he said that Brecht had disappeared, vanished. I yelled out for the corporal, but was greeted with silence.
I said that we must continue our way around the base, estimating that we should meet up with the captain soon. However, before I could finish, the woods erupted with noise. Every direction seemed to howl with gunfire, though I could see neither muzzle flash, nor damage dealt to the trees. Everyone leapt for cover, and I found myself with Reidl, the pair of us pinned by fear to a snow covered log. We each expended an occasional cartridge, but so intense was the enemy barrage that neither of us dared to move from cover. Hoping to extricate us from the situation, I called for Krupp to get the rest of the section moving up the hill. As soon as he went off, Reidl and I ran like hell, and we began our ascent.
Thankfully, another flare rocketed skywards, giving us some much needed light. However, just as we were illuminated, the gunfire completely ceased. There was no delayed lull, no sporadic continuation, just silence. Once again, the night air was filled with nothing more than the sound of our crunching steps, although by then it was clear that we were not alone.
Someone in the rear cried out, and we all looked back in time to see the poor fellow slip down the slope. He fell with such rapidity that it was as if he was being pulled. The terrain, I suppose, must have been very disadvantageous. By then, we were spooked enough, and our pace quickened as we all rushed as well we could up the incline. The trees around us danced in the light, and a wind must have been picking up, for they had begun to sway.
Soon we crested the ridge, where we found nothing but a large rock face covered in logs and debris cleared of snow. I surmised it was some logging site. We collapsed from exhaustion. The snow had taken it out of us, and we all formed a circle around the rocky perimeter. The flare had lit up the woods behind us, but all other sides were enveloped in darkness. Someone was blowing a whistle down the slope, and I realized it must have been either Rubeck or the Captain. Hurriedly, I bent below the ridgeline, and called out into the darkness. A minute passed, and I was greeted by the haggard figure of Captain Pisano emerging from the trees. His pistol dangled at his side, his whistle was jammed into his mouth, and his head was badly bloodied.
Krupp and I took hold of him and leant him against the rock. His face was stricken with terror, and he kept repeating the word ‘withdraw’. I asked him where the rest of the unit was, but he just shook his head. I took this as an order, and the remains of our drained and fearful company descended. We used the flare for guidance, but as it ebbed away so too did our remnant courage. From every swaying tree came the impression of movement. The air wasn’t still. It crept and moved and shrouded us in trepidation. The wind had picked up, and the branches creaked and groaned above. While I clutched the unsteady Captain, the yellow light diminished ever more. I hoped to God that it wasn’t the last one, and that that lonely glimmer would not subside into the night.
We were tumbling over the snow by then, slipping and falling forward down the slope. I had to keep my balance so Pisano wouldn’t trip, but in doing so bent too far forward and lost my spectacles in the snow. I am sure that we were all wondering where the enemy had gotten to. They were watching us, or at least they had been. I had sensed them. But why hadn’t they taken their opportunity to strike? It was as if they were toying with us. We had attacked thinking ourselves at a complete advantage, and now we ran like the devil was after us. Slowly, the last glimpse of light disappeared somewhere behind the hill, and I worried that soon we would be submerged in gloom. Between us there were three torches, and I threw Pisano’s to Reidl as I struggled to turn mine on. The electric lights sprang into action, and we silently surveyed our surroundings as if having been transported elsewhere.
Just then, a shot rang out, and then another. This was followed by a scattered increase, until it was clear we were under heavy fire. The beams jerked in all directions as we tried to get some sense of the Russian position. It was as if we were surrounded, but whichever way we looked there was only the empty forest. Cautiously, we stumbled forward. Private Holstein screamed behind me, and I swung around to find him gone. The poor fellow was nowhere to be seen, his tracks led nowhere. Someone fired into the woods, and suddenly the gunshots ceased.
‘There!’ shouted Reidl, and our torches turned in his direction. His face was frozen in abject horror as he pointed into the darkness. ‘I saw it move! There, look!’, he cried. I peered into the woods, the dim tree-line caught in our collective gaze. He was right. Something was moving, moving in the dark, but it was no Russian, I’m sure of that. The trees were swaying violently now, though I could still sense little of the storm.
In amongst them something long and pale was moving, dare I say running, between the trees. It reminded me of the way spiders walk, but so much faster. The thing had a head, or what could be called one, but I could mark no features on it with my blurred vision. The brevity of the moment belays any proper description, and I apologize for my lack thereof, but I do not wish to recall it. I will say that it most definitely had a mouth, however, as it opened, rather than emitting an animal howl or wail, it instead produced a gunshot. A terrible realization dawned on me, and I will swear by God’s grace that I was taken by the worst panic I’ve ever felt. There are no words to describe the feelings it impressed upon me. I can only say that it did not remotely seem a temporal being.
It seemed to turn towards us, and that filled our hearts with dread. At that we set off, all except for Reidl who was frozen in his place. Krupp shouted for him, and locked a round, aiming between the trees. Reidl’s stupor was broken by the shot, and he quickly retreated with the rest of us. Sergeant Krupp, however, stood his ground, turning back the bolt again. I was afraid of losing the Captain under his pressing weight, for my constitution was reasonably exhausted by then. We fled hurriedly, and I’m afraid that was the last I saw of the old man.
If our retreat had been unorganized before, it was now even more so. Our two lights barely emitted anything as we went, half running half slipping down the slope. I tried not to look too much ahead of me, and instead focused on the snow and made sure that neither me nor the Captain tripped. It was with unimaginable relief that we saw the next flare go up. This was soon dampened by what was illuminated. From the whole party of two or so dozen, there was now only Reidl, Pisano and myself.
Still, we soldiered on, hoping to break the tree-line soon. Pisano was incoherently whispering to me when something lit up behind us. We turned to see a great blaze coming from the outcrop. It became evident that the logs and litter left on the escarpment had been set alight by the flare. This bonfire shot up with such ferocity that it was as if it had been laden with kerosene. The flames quickly leapt to the treetops, and the sound of the crackling increased. The fire was spreading fast, and despite there being heavy snow on the ground, the trees must have been largely dry.
Spurned on by this new threat, we continued. A tree not far from us was rent apart from the heat, and came crashing down into the snow. This sent a large cloud of steam upwards, and the hissing noise was terrible to hear. Our backs were hot with the heat of the growing fire, which was nearly above us. Despite all our hurrying, it seemed we were getting nowhere. The Captain was tiring, and being nearly finished myself, I bade Reidl take him on his back. He set down his rifle, but as he did so, a bough fell between us. Through the heat, I saw something approaching him from behind, and with that, I abandoned him.
I hauled Pisano over me, and I began my mad dash. The fire was really going now, and the hissing had spread everywhere. I could barely move my legs, so cold were they through plodding in the snow, and neither could I see the light of the flare with the brightness of the flames. Still, on I went, paying no heed to the direction, only concentrating on the descent. Ahead of us, I saw the tree-line, and then the plain beyond. This rejuvenated me, and I said to the Captain through dwindling breaths that we were going to get out. We escaped the burning wood just as the blaze felled a tree behind us.
Distantly, I could see the church in Stamberg, still alight, and a perimeter of soldiers watching us. At their head was Farkas, the Hungarians, and a handful of men from the company. Their faces all were pale, and they kept their rifles close. I stumbled over, helped by none of them. I set the Captain limply down, and they asked me what had happened. I could not think, and so simply shook my head. I asked if Krupp or Reidl had gotten out, but only received the same reply.
We all withdrew to the village, where some stretcher bearers took Pisano away, and I turned back, searching the blazing woods for any sign of life. I could see nothing, except a brief sharp movement that caught my eye. Amongst the inferno, the silhouettes of two spindly trees toppled into each other, both trunks folding in half at once like the piston of a great machine. Thinking of it now, Maria, I am not really sure if they were trees.
I joined Farkas, who was at the base of the church looking upward. I followed his gaze, and saw that the Russians had escaped the steeple through a window, and the four of them were now huddled on the roof, all defenceless, for they had abandoned their arms. I say four, but there was a fifth at the other end of the roof, and it suddenly struck me that he was facing away from them, staring into the night.
The huddle moved farther and farther away from the flames. I turned for a moment as I heard someone yelling about a flanking attack, but as I looked away, I heard an ungodly cry of terror. I craned my head and brought my attention back to the unfortunate snipers.
I cannot properly describe what I saw, Maria, for it happened so quickly that I was left only with an impression of a moment. As the Russians gathered at the church’s far end, the soldier facing away from the others collapsed, and almost instantly, the man closest to him screamed as he was hauled up into the air by some great force. I watched shocked as he disappeared into the night, and although I had trouble seeing without my spectacles, I could tell that something was moving with him, some dark spindly shape, dark even against the night, and dreadfully large.
I do not exaggerate, Maria, when I say that it was the worst thing I have ever witnessed. Perhaps there is some great bat or hawk or other animal that is not yet known to science that whisks men away in the night, but I know that cannot be. Neither was the fellow blown off by a gale, for it would have taken a hurricane to lift him so far. What I cannot reconcile with any explanation I have concocted is that he completely vanished, simply taken away; I know not where.
I cannot forget that soldier’s face as he left the roof. It was one of infinite panic and alarm. I have seen him in my dreams, being lifted away by that monstrous force, taken to some dark realm of night, to some inescapable nightmare. I try not to think about it, and I believe this is why everyone else has done their best to put Stamberg out of memory.
In the morning we moved on, and continued moving until the offensive ground to a halt with the growing storms. Pisano was sent to the field hospital behind the lines, and I am now acting lieutenant. Rubeck’s Dragoons did not return, and as I heard it they were all reported as missing in action by Farkas. From our own company we lost sixty-seven men. I was the only one of my section left. I feel that I must be to blame for their loss. I could have done something. I could have gotten them out.
I pray God will forgive me. If only we could have passed through unhindered, if only we had left that damned place alone. My conscience is still not clear.
I must again apologize, dear Maria. I am sure you must think me quite mad, but I must set this incident to the page. Every word enclosed is as true a description as any I can render in my current state of mind to record that dreadful battle at Stamberg.
I remain, as always your dear and loving brother,
A final word—
This was the last piece of Holzer’s writing within the box. It seems that the letter never reached his sister, as I have not been able to find any response. However, I did find a letter from the War Ministry addressed to his mother dated exactly one week later. It said that he had been killed in action during the following offensive, and that his body could not be recovered.
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2020.11.24 22:24 Legal_Action777 This one goes out to you Olga...

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Maybe I’m just fucked and like a wise man said sometimes you can’t save everyone. Sometimes we good souls don’t wanna die, are not scared of it, but I’m bipolar and a pothead. A piece of shit. Crying a bit now. A lot actually.
Thank you maybe to this girl. Thumbs up for Olga who I will meet for the third time tonight and who has said that she will no accept if I didn’t stop cannabis. It’s 3 dates. But I believe in something at least, that might be a better. Olga made me stop. You make stop. Not the thumps up or down.... not my loniless or my mom. You, hope, today it’s you Olga. Thanks for giving me the chance to throw everything away keep meeting you and who knows. See what happens.
Please send good vibes in your own particular fashion or flavor or prayer.
Much love to all of us,
Jacob or Joaquin
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2020.11.24 19:25 META2012 Azur Lane: The third Bismarck chapter 3

The third chapter of The third Bismarck is now up on AOE. hope you enjoy it.
Can be found here

Hipper made her way inside Gneisenau's ship, having reformed her ship outside. Gneisenau herself was waiting outside of the ships medical bay, along with Z25.
“Hipper. Nice to see you here” Gneisenau said as the heavy cruiser walked up to them “Moltke's inside, waiting for you,” she said, pointing at the door.
Hipper nodded, opened the door, and walked in. Moltke was resting on one of the ships medical beds, wearing a white medical gown with her arm in a sling. She looked rather down but perked up the moment she saw Hipper walk in.
“Hipper,” she said with a smile as the heavy cruiser walked in.
“You ok?” Hipper asked as she walked over to her and sat down on the bed next to her.
“I'm doing well. But my body still hurts in places” Moltke replied “Why are even here. Aren't you supposed to be at Bremerhaven. What are you doing in the Baltic sea?” she asked, “And whys Gneisenau here as well?”.
“Ah, well. We're currently not in Baltic sea, we're not even near Germany” Hipper replied calmly “We're in the north Pacific ocean, just a few days away from Pearl harbour. And I'm-, I'm not the Hipper you know” she said, watching as Moltke's smiled turned into a frown “I am Admiral Hipper, the lead ship of the Admiral Hipper class. I'm just not the Admiral Hipper you know”.
“What. H-how. How could-” Moltke cried, not knowing what to say. Hipper couldn't blame her, having just been transported to a different world was probably more then the young girl could handle “What happened?”.
“I don't know” Hipper replied, shaking her head “We just found your ship after a strange weather phenomenon, so we don't know how you got here. But don't worry. We'll find a way to send you back, just have faith in us”
Moltke lowered her head, tears still falling from her eyes “Hey, don't cry. We'll find a way to send you home” Hipper said, trying to reassure her “I promise you, we will get you home. We just need to know what happened to you. You wouldn't know what might have happened to you to send you here?”
Moltke shook her head “I don't know. The last thing I remember is talking to chief engineer Denis Kiesinger when everything started to shake. A report that a massive storm just formed around us was said over the intercom, then everything went dark” she said “When I woke up, I-I found D-Denis lay-laying on top of me, dead” she stuttered as she started to cry “I was supposed to protect them, and I failed”.
Hipper quickly walked over to her and hugged her “Don't worry, it's ok. Your not the only one who failed to save those who you promised to protect” she said softly “I know it can be difficult to cope with loss, especially if it's someone you cared for deeply. I've lost a lot of people who I've cared for over the years, friends, colleagues, even sisters. But despite all our losses, we have to be strong for those who are no longer here to support us” she said before she moved back a bit “Tell me, what did Denis think of you?”.
“He said I was a lucky girl. That I was one of the greatest weapons in our nations arsenal” Moltke replied as she wiped the tears away from her eyes “And that despite being a weapon of war, he hoped that I would grow up into a nice woman one day. A lot of the crew liked me” she said, “Then there are my sisters, Bismarck and Tirpitz. They supported me all the time, from my disastrous manifestation to my training. I probably wouldn't know what I was doing without them”.
“See, Denis cared about you, so did a lot of people,” Hipper said reassuringly “He wouldn't have wanted to see you cry, now would he?” she asked.
Moltke shook her head “No. He said that I should smile, no matter what happened”.
“Then smile for him, and remember him. As long as you live, his memory will still live on” Hipper said softly “I promise you, this worlds Azur Lane will get yo-”.
“Azur Lane. What's that?” Moltke asked, interrupting Hipper.
“Ur, it's a global organisation formed to fight the Sirens” Hipper replied.
Moltke looked rather confused by that statement “Sirens? Are they those things from Greek mythology who lured sailors to their death with their enchanting music” she said.
“No, not those sirens. The sirens we fight are an extraterrestrial threat that took over the world's oceans. Its why we were created in the first place” Hipper replied “I take it that neither the Azur lane nor the Sirens exist in your world” she said, and Moltke nodded her head “If that's the case, then why were you created then”.
“To help protect our country during the upcoming war against the French Commune,” Moltke said, causing Hipper to look confused “They've been amassing a large number of troops along our borders, right into the demilitarized zone along the Maginot line. So it was deemed necessary to make a third vessel of the Bismarck class to bolster our fleet a bit”.
Hipper was rather confused by this. French Commune, demilitarised zone along the Maginot Line, the French being aggressive. What the fuck happen in her world to cause that “French Commune. What on earth is that?” she asked.
“It's communist France” Moltke replied, “They had a communist lead revolution a few years after the Great War. Did that not happen here”.
“No” Hipper responded “I have a feeling that our two worlds are rather different,” she said “Tell me, how long was the great war, and were there any major events that happened after the great war?” she asked. She theorised that something must have happened during world war one to have caused a massive divergence in her world, possibly a longer first world war. A longer war would have caused more economic problems for all parties involved. But that wouldn't have been enough to cause another French revolution, so several more events had to have happened to cause that.
“Ur, the great war lasted from 1914 to 1919” Moltke replied “There were also a lot of smaller wars after that, like the second French revolution. Then there was the Russian implosion, which was really a lot of smaller wars, but they all culminated in the complete collapse of the Russian empire-” she said. She then went on to detail several more wars, dating from 1919 to 1925. Most of them were smaller wars that either saw several smaller nations form up into larger ones or larger nations collapsing into several smaller ones. Her worlds economy must have been so fucked, that Hipper wouldn't have been surprised if the great depression not only happened a lot earlier but lasted a lot longer “-and in 1927, two years after the start of the great depression, the second American Civil War happened. Which saw a fascist government take control over America. Although, with the way those morons are running things over there, we'll probably see a third civil war within the next few years or so”.
Hipper took all of this information in. It was very obvious that Moltke's world was very politically unstable after the war, as well as economically ruined. It would have taken decades for anyone to recover from all those wars. But what intrigued her the most was that the war lasted one year longer “Ok, may I ask how the great war lasted till 1919?” she asked, “As ours only lasted till 1918”.
“1918!” Moltke said sounding surprised “But that would-. Please don't tell me that the Americans didn't sabotage the peace negotiations”.
“What. No, they didn't do anything of the sort” Hipper said sounding shocked “Did they really do that?” she asked.
Moltke nodded her head “The Americans joined very late into the war, and their generals were glory hounds who saw this as an opportunity to get a lot of medals. But peace talks started soon after they arrived” she said “They wanted more medals from this war, so they sabotaged the peace efforts and blamed us for it. It wasn't until a year later that the rest of the allies realised that the Americans were the one's sabotaging the peace efforts. By then, it was too late. The economic and physical damage caused by the war crippled Europe, which had a knock-on effect that crippled the rest of the world's economy. The great depression happened a few years after that, and we've only recently recovered from it. The rest of the world, not so much”.
Hipper was shocked by this. She knew that the American generals wanted to get a lot of medals from the first world war, going as far as fighting battles up until the very last moment, and causing a lot of unnecessary deaths. But she didn't think any of them would go as far as to sabotage peace efforts to make the war last longer. That was absolutely barbaric.
She wouldn't be surprised if the Eagle Union girls were horrified by this news.
“Oh my, that's, barbaric” Hipper said.
“I know. They were brought in to end the war quicker, but instead, they extended it” Moltke said before she slumped back into her bed.
“You ok?” Hipper asked sounding concerned.
“I'm fine” Moltke replied, “It's just, a lot to take in. I'm in another world where the Americans didn't mess everything up. I guess that there's not a third vessel of the Bismarck class here then”.
Hipper nodded her head “We only built two vessels of that class”.
“I see,” Moltke said with a sigh “It's going to rather difficult for me here. Seeing people I know, but also don't know”.
“Hey, don't worry. We'll find a way to send you home” Hipper said reassuringly “Just have faith in us”.
Moltke looked at Hipper and smiled. She then leaned forward and hugged her. The heavy cruiser was taken aback by this, but she didn't do anything to stop it. That was until she heard a very familiar giggle behind her. She turned and saw her sister Prinz Eugen standing in the doorway, holding two mugs of coffee in her hands.
“You know, that was quite cute,” Eugen said with a smile.
Hipper's face turned a very dark shade of red “H-how long have you been standing there!” she demanded loudly.
Eugen giggled “If I told you that, you'll probably explode,” she said as she walked over and put one of the mugs down on the side table. She then sat down on the bed next to the one Moltke was resting in.
“Why are you ever here!” Hipper demanded as she stood up.
“Calm yourself please sister,” Eugen said with a smirk “Shouting isn't going to make that chopping board of a chest of yours bulge out”.
“You!” Hipper fumed “I am not flat you, dummkopf!” she shouted.
Moltke giggled “Well, you two aren't that different from my worlds versions of you,” she said with a smile.
“Oh, so your worlds Hipper is just as flat as this one” Eugen teased, causing Hipper's red face to turn several shades darker.
“You, utter, bastard” Hipper fumed “Why are you even here!?” she demanded.
“Z2 just finished communicating with the commander. He is sending a repair ship to us to fix Moltke's ship” Eugen replied calmly “She'll arrive within the hour”.
“Wait, within the hour. That doesn't make sense” Hipper said sounding surprised “We're three days away from the main base. How can they send a repair ship over here so quickly?.
“There's a fleet nearby that has a repair ship with them” Eugen replied, “The commander just redirected them our way”.
“Ok. So who's the repair ship?” Hipper asked.
“Yep, she'll be arriving within the hour,” Eugen said with a nervous giggle.
Hipper was almost surprised by this. It wasn't often that she saw Eugen act so nervous “Sister. Who is the repair ship, and don't try to dodge the question” she said with a slight smile.
Eugen sighed “The Northern Parliament salvage ship Kommuna” she said sounding slightly annoyed.
“Kommuna!” Hipper said sounding surprised “But, she's not really designed to repair large ships like battleships. And why were you so ner-” she said, stopping mid-sentence when she realised something. Eugen wasn't nervous about Kommuna, but one of the girls she was trailing with.
She knew that there was a Northern Parliament fleet behind them, she just didn't know how far behind they were. She also knew who was in the fleet.
A smile formed on Hipper's face “Oh, well it looks like we'll be able to invite our Russian half-sister Petropavlovsk to our party” she said with a smug grin. It was not often that she got to see Eugen get a taste of her own medicine. And Petropavlovsk was one of, if not the only one, who could embarrass Eugen.
“Who's Petropavlovsk?” Moltke asked sounding confused “Why do you have a Russian half-sister. Why do the Russian's even have kansen?”.
“Ur, well. Petropavlovsk is actually our sister Lützow. The Northern Parliament just renamed her after they brought her” Hipper replied, “As for why they have kansen, well, every sea fairing nation has kansen. Isn't that the same with your world?”.
Moltke shook her head “Nope. Only the German Congressional Republic and our allies have kansen, no one else has them”.
“You didn't share the technology to make kansen” Eugen said sounding surprised.
“Nope, it's just us and our allies. No one else” Moltke said “What did you expect us to do with it, share it with the people who broke the economy and refused to accept our help? It's ours, we found it, and we're not giving it away to people who are not our friends”.
That was a, somewhat reasonable excuse for not sharing kansen tech. Her world was vastly different from theirs, so they couldn't really judge them, as their world was a bit more politically and economically stable.
“Huh. Well, it's your tech. We can't really complain about it” Eugen said.
“Well, I'll be outside waiting for Petropavlovsk to arrive,” Hipper said as she stood up and walked towards the door.
“Hipper wait,” Moltke said just as Hipper reached the door “Don't leave me please” she cried.
Hipper stopped at the door and sighed. As much as she wanted to wait for Petropavlovsk, truth be told, she wanted to spend more time with Moltke. She was in a familiar yet unfamiliar world, with people she knew yet did not know. It might be best that she stays by her side, for now, to help her feel more comfortable in this world.
“Fine” Hipper said as he turned around and walked back to the bed. She didn't show it, but she was happy to see a smile back on Moltke's face.
submitted by META2012 to AzureLane [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 18:46 MCR1nyc Why isn’t anyone talking about Black Rifle Coffee hiring Cambridge Analytica?

In recent news, which mainly has circulated in far right wing media (The Blaze / Dana Loesch) Black Rifle Coffee Company was lampooned to appear to be supporting Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, then pulling their support after some self described conservative customers shared discomfort over the apparent solidarity with the teen shooter. For those who are not familiar with Black Rifle Coffee, the brand boasts to be the coffee that supports veterans, going from $1,800 in sales in 2014 to $80 million in revenue today in 2020. Whether or not those numbers are accurate, they came into prominence after Black Riffle shamed Howard Schultz of Starbucks for vowing to hire 10,000 refugees after then President Trump vowed to prevent refugees to come to the USA. The declaration Black Rifle Coffee made was they were going to hire 10,000 veterans, as Starbucks should. Mind you, to date, it is speculated Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) hasn’t even hired 200 veterans, since they only have 354 on record.
Recently, upon $2 million in bail money being paid to release Kyle Rittenhouse from jail, his lawyer along with 80’s actor Ricky Schroder, photographed themselves with Rittenhouse wearing a Black Rifle Coffee T-shirt.
This action alone wouldn’t have raised too many eyebrows if it weren’t for the fact an Internet personality, Elijah Schaffer, who works for THE BLAZE, whose podcasts are sponsored by BRCC tweeted the photo along with a direct link to merchandise discounts to BRCC. A direct link affiliated with the BRCC site:
The risk that a company is taking, any company, especially one that went from $1,8k to $80 mil, that has gotten promotions from Deion Sanders, Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan, and appearing to endorse someone who did kill two people, paralyzing a third, seems like marketing suicide.
So I wasn’t surprised to see their VP of Marketing is former Global VP of Media for Cambridge Analytica, Molly Schweickert (recent married and goes by Molly Oczkowski elsewhere - her husband is Matthew Oczkowski Director of Product at Cambridge Analytica).
If you aren’t familiar with Cambridge Analytica they single handily have been instrumental in a series of election infiltrations by pushing disinformation campaigns to sway votes. They were hired by Steve Bannon to help Trump’s 2016 election, they were instrumental in Brexit, and have been sued by countless countries, political campaigns, settled various lawsuits, but worse, they stole private user information to millions of US users on Facebook. Currently, the FTC has a lawsuit against Steve Bannon and his involvement with Cambridge Analytica.
So tell me this? Why - on God’s Green Earth - does a coffee company need to hire a former VP from nefarious company known around the world engaged in election interference while aiding and abetting Russia????
Upon further inspection of BRCC innocuous “pro veteran” customer merchandise site, is their newsletter, “Coffee or Die”.
In a recent article, author Nolan Peterson highlights a story on a Ukrainian “veteran” Oleskii Kachko.
No where in the article does it flesh out that Kachko, who loves his BRCC, is a neo nazi. Nowhere. All they describe is Kachko as a former Azov Battalion soldier, showing a plethora of his military photos in which he is wearing the Azov badge of the nazi Wolfsangel and Black Sun symbols. No where do they explain why they are promoting this symbolism nor denounce this symbolism nor clarify the symbolism. It is as if they are purposely promoting white nationalism to the untrained eye on international neo nazi propaganda.
What is slightly odd is for a company that their original conception was denouncing refugees, their October poster boy Kachko, has hired predominantly refugees at his coffee shop selling BRCC.
So my ultimate complaint is this...
This is all too coincidental. Too coincidental.
A coffee company hires a woman from a company that has stolen the personal data of millions of US citizens, whose former job was to create culture wars to the benefit of Russia. Now, the coffee company she works for is promoting a Kenosha shooter, a Ukrainian neo nazi, and getting celebrity endorsements and followers through right wing news and social media.
Nobody knows what was done with the data Cambridge Analytica stole from Facebook users.
I think we know.
As silly as this seems... a coffee company appears to be pushing subtle forms of hate and violence in America. Where does this stop? What is the next piece of merchandise which could be funding domestic terrorism or international terrorism?
A coffee company professing to love the 2nd Amendment and “our troops”?
Somebody who has an invested interest in tech, privacy, and well, US democracy and civility I wish would investigate this further. There IS a story here. There is.
And I have to say, the minute I started sharing it on my Facebook, all these random Russians were commenting on my page! One of them writing the N word on my page comparing Colin Kaepernick to Kyle Rittenhouse basically saying only Kyle was the true American hero. A Russian. Or at least one that plays one on Facebook.
Our privacy is under attack... from fricking coffee?!?
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2020.11.24 17:31 IndependentYoga Tokenomics , Forecast, News Update

Read full story:

Tokenomics , Forecast, News Update

Tokenomics, Forecast & News Update


The KuCoin hack, OKEx debacle, Bitmax shutdown and BTC dominance appreciation slowed down Verasity’s momentum just as we launched one of the biggest esports events in crypto (UWS PUBG tournament).
Nevertheless our technical accomplishments and ability to scale have never been better. All the parts of the Verasity ecosystem are coming together in the best possible way.
This article is meant to update the community as well as provide new information about what we have accomplished and are doing to make this the best project in crypto.

VRA Token Distribution & Circulating Supply Update

Below is a table setting out Verasity’s calculated Circulating Supply, locked and unlocked tokens. We will update this quarterly.
Etherscan links:
Total VRA Supply
Founders & Team Tokens
Total Wallet #1 — Foundation

Founders Token Unlock Schedule

Founders tokens are locked until the price of VRA reaches a target which is approximately in the range of the ICO price. To give the exact target price will harm investors as traders will take advantage of that data point. As long as the price remains below the target price, the Founders & Team tokens will not be released.
Only when the target price is reached can the Founders & Team pool be released annually. In each year (2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023) the Founders & Team qualify to receive upto 25% of their allocation if the minimum price condition has been achieved. If the target price has not been reached then the tokens remain locked. No tokens will become available for release in 2020.
We don’t believe that the Founders & Team tokens are a market overhang due to the onerous restrictions of the unlock schedule.

Funding Update

Current resources held by Verasity fund the project roadmap which has been published for the next 12 months. We forecast (see below) reaching profitability in 2021 which will finance the continuing runway thereafter.
The Foundation Reserve has sold 355,300,000 tokens (12.9% of its original total) to finance exchange listings and other costs. In the future, additional listings and expenses may require sales of VRA from the Foundation Reserve. Verasity had anticipated and disclosed this in the tokenomics update of April. See further information about the Foundation tokens in the VRA Token distribution section of this article.

VeraWallet Staking Program Update

Based on the staking program operating at full capacity throughout the calendar year 2021, and ignoring the timing of deposits and withdrawals, a maximum of 847,500,000 VRA will be required to pay the daily staking rewards. The staking reward rate is 0.1% per day (36.5% per annum) until 31 March 2021 when it becomes 0.07% daily (25.55% pa) until 31 December 2021.
Given that the staking rewards come from the Foundation Reserve or market purchases by Verasity, we believe that staking rewards have not been inflationary to total supply.

New VeraWallet Features Coming Soon

Liquidity Mining
Earn additional VRA by providing liquidity for a selected token pair. Send equal amounts of VRA and a trading pair token (i.e. DAI) to a special VeraWallet address to create a liquidity pool. Once active this will generate VRA rewards for each day of providing liquidity. You can withdraw your tokens from the liquidity pool after a fixed period or can leave your tokens for the whole liquidity mining period.
Instant Buy & Stake
Additional Top Up Methods
We will expand the credit card facilities to other vendors which will be announced soon.

Exchanges Update

Verasity started 2020 with a listing on KuCoin ‘one of the most popular and secure cryptocurrency exchanges’ and soon VRA’s trading volume was up to $250k — $500k organic volume per day, liquidity was deep and VRA’s price was trending upwards. Then, on 25th September 2020, KuCoin announced it had been hacked and it had frozen withdrawals. Following this, in early November Bitmax announced its interface was down for a week preventing any trading.
Without adequate liquidity from our largest exchanges and in combination with the rise of Bitcoin dominance from 58% to 67% of the overall market, VRA came under great pressure and its price fell from the end of September onwards.
Also in September, Verasity launched its Ultimate Warrior Showdown event in collaboration with the exchange OKEx. We were very pleased with the millions of video views achieved and we were looking forward to developing our working relationship with OKEx, however, shortly after the event’s conclusion the founder of OKEx was detained by the Chinese authorities and withdrawals were suspended by the exchange.
These four external events slowed our momentum.
We are glad that OKEx plans to reopen its withdrawals next week but we are now reluctant to deal with any exchanges that have ongoing investigations by government authorities.
Verasity is aware of the importance of having secure and liquid exchanges to trade VRA and it is one of our objectives to increase the quantity and quality of exchanges we are listed on. Over the next few months we plan to add new exchanges in various jurisdictions. We will be working with expert advisers and diving deeper into our due diligence on potential exchanges. We are currently negotiating with several exchanges but make no promises as to timing given that crypto exchanges are so vulnerable to hackers as well as regulatory risks (see OKEx & BitMEX). Verasity cannot predict which exchanges will have issues as we don’t control exchanges.
Do keep in mind that the community requested the following exchanges over the last six months: Bittrex, OKEx, KuCoin, Bitmax & Bitmart. We delivered on all of these exchanges but had to pause OKEx because of the government investigation and withdrawal stoppage.
We are currently close to finalizing a listing and hope to announce soon. Listings are announced by exchanges, so you will know when we are listed.

Buyback and Burn Update

Verasity has burned 2,135,033,305 VRA (17% of original total supply) since its launch. However, in 2020 there have been no burns because the income generated in the year was not sufficient to cover the additional expense of a substantial buyback.
This does not mean that Verasity has abandoned its intention to buy back and burn, it only means that we are waiting for our net revenues and fees to grow (see forecast below).
With regard to the communication of token burns, our legal advisers state that due to certain territories where VRA is available we cannot make commitments to dates, amounts or rates of future burns. Otherwise we risk being considered a security token and being delisted from certain exchanges (and not be able to get onto new ones). Hence we have to repeat that ‘a random amount of net revenues and fees earned by Verasity in fiat are used to buy back VRA from exchanges to burn’. Once a burn has taken place we will inform the community and it will be visible on the blockchain. We anticipate buy backs in 2021 and will inform the community after they take place.
Once we reach profitability which is anticipated in 2021 (see the forecast below), the Verasity Foundation is committed to buy back and burn VRA. Please note that Verasity is a foundation and by law is not allowed to distribute profits (it cannot declare a dividend) so to maximise token holders’ value it will continue to buyback and burn VRA.

Business Model

Our fundamental model has not changed:
Video publishers attract audiences to watch video content and ads. Users are rewarded for it, thereby increasing engagement and monetization.
This model has not changed. What has changed is the type of video publisher we are pursuing. Prior to COVID-19, we pursued traditional publishers. With COVID-19, we saw the opportunity to pursue gaming publishers and more specifically esports publishers. More importantly, we created our own tournament platform: This allows us to control our own environment, launch our own proprietary video player, own our video content, run ads on our player, and charge subscription fees as well as take tournament fees.
This also allows us to scale at our chosen rate. Initially we tested huge tournaments with the largest brands and broadcasters and now are doing smaller scale events to give us the space to build out more features for the platform before the next big tournament.
Esports Fight Club will require players to use VRA to purchase subscriptions via several payment systems: VeraWallet, PayPal and Credit Cards (although some tournaments are free for promotional purposes). Winners receive VRA for winning tournaments. Soon players will also be rewarded VRA for watching ads. Verasity profits from the purchase of game credits, subscriptions, tournament prize pools and ads. This is an entire ecosystem all within Verasity.
Some of the community asked us why we are doing smaller events now after such large events. Building a platform is not just about huge marketing. Our technical roadmap actually calls for different size events (micro events) in different periods, which allows the platform to add features and functionality that has been included in the development roadmap as well as to grow the platform organically. For more about Esports Fight Club’s future plans see this video with Mike Stubbs.
Initially we started with two world class tournaments which brought in millions of viewers and tested our platform. Now we are running micro tournaments while we build out the platform features to accommodate our vision of a world class tournament platform. This will include our proprietary video player as well as ad stack and finally Proof of View which will make the ad monetization so much more valuable.
It may be difficult to see the forest from the trees, but all the parts are coming together now:

Recent Achievements

In crypto it’s easy to forget what we have accomplished so far. Just in the last few months we have:

Our Reach in Gaming

We had the first third party multi-country PUBG Mobile tournament with Tencent approval and in 2021 have an opportunity for in-game rewards once we have put on further large scale tournaments. This will put Esports Fight Club and Verasity in a unique position.
Tencent and Verasity will continue to explore multiple avenues to work together across multiple regional Intellectual Properties around PUBG Mobile and Asian markets.
Athena Gaming & Warmania
Diversifying esports activations through multiple localised companies to promote regional growth like Athena and Warmania.
Obtaining tournament licenses for all major games.
Because we are a small team, we have not had the resources to fully utilize our reach. We will do so in 2021 with large companies and projects to help us scale.
Additional Esports Fight Club activities
Verasity Scale & Adoption
Our PUBG tournament was one of the most successful events with this scale of adoption in crypto. Other platforms pale in comparison with thousands of views not millions. After our beta we went into full scale mode without a hitch — millions of video viewers without any issues. Now we are running smaller events while we expand the platform organically and build out important features and functionalities.
Our tournament had a prize pool that was five times smaller than the PMPL SA 2020 tournament but performed comparatively, and had a prize pool that was half the size of the Binance tournament but our stats were 88 times larger.

Roadmap Completions this Quarter so far

Although we announced this, few in our community took this big accomplishment in:
We added games last quarter:
and will add more in this Quarter:
Added features to Esports Fight Club:
Expanded current company and gaming relationships geographically to North America, EU & South East Asia.

Verasity Metrics

As of October we had a month on month increase in social stats of 26% and 154% over the previous 12 months. See the metrics here.


  1. We have an agreement with Stripe Payment Systemto provide credit card payments in 135 currencies worldwide for Esports Fight Club. 2.8m websites use Stripe as a payment system with half in the USA. Now Esports Fight Club will include 3 payment systems: Stripe, PayPal and VeraWallet. Between Stripe and PayPal they cover over 50k gaming sites.
Stripe will allow us to:
Now that we have an agreement, Stripe integration will be completed in this quarter.
  1. Esports Fight Club has been working on partnerships within the esports ecosystem to promote cross platform rewards.
To this end we have been in discussions with major peripheral manufacturers including E- Blue, Razer and SteelSeries. As soon as agreements are reached, we will jointly announce sponsored product peripherals that will be rewarded in our tournaments.

Revenue Forecast*

Verasity earns revenue through subscriptions to its gaming and tournament platforms, commission on tournament prize pools, video ad revenues and on transaction fees for use of Verasity products.
Revenues in 2020 were lower than anticipated in part because of our need to pivot to gaming publishers due to the COVID pandemic which affected traditional brand advertising and publisher revenues. We have taken this into consideration in the revised forecast.
In Q1 2021 no material revenue is expected to be generated from Esports Fight Club or from ad revenues.
As the gaming platform develops and our proprietary ad stack is implemented revenue grows month by month. We anticipate that non-gaming publisher sites provide further video ad revenues from Q3 2021 onwards. Additional revenues are expected from the implementation of Proof of View in the latter part of 2021. We expect that the majority of revenues will accrue from ads.
3 Year Forecast*
Buyback and Burn Forecast*
As part of Verasity’s intention to buyback and burn tokens it has included in its forecast three annualised purchases. As discussed above we are unable to commit to dates or amounts of future burns, however as part of the forecast we would like to share what it may look like.*
In 2021, the forecast contains a total buyback and burn of 500,000,000 tokens at an estimated average price of $0.0010 (total $500,000).
In 2022, the forecast contains a total buyback and burn of 1,500,000,000 tokens at an estimated average price of $0.0025 (total $3,750,000).
In 2023, the forecast contains a total buyback and burn of 1,500,000,000 tokens at an estimated average price of $0.0050 (total $7,500,000).
Based on the forecast, we will endeavour to buyback 3.5 billion VRA or 34% of the current total supply, and Verasity would have generated a surplus of $1.9m for future growth and buybacks. Please note that the average prices used to calculate the buybacks are not targets or guarantees for the future price of VRA.*

Our Crypto Community Relationship

The crypto space and community is very unique, one that truly requires more attention from our side. Although we build amazing tech with real world applications, we have not succeeded in taking you with us on the Verasity journey. One big problem we have had is that esports and crypto live in two different worlds. Esports is only on Discord and Instagram, whereas crypto lives on Telegram and Twitter. We have added a Social Wall and hoped that more crypto followers of Verasity would check it out more often.
To get more community involvement we will start doing more AMAs, producing video and podcast content on a regular basis to keep the community informed and widen our crypto audience. To update the community on Esports Fight Club we will post a series of videos and post them across our socials. Here is the first one. We will also start providing quarterly business stats starting in 2021 so that investors can follow our progress much like public stock companies.
We are all here to work with the crypto community and to build the amazing future of Verasity together with you.

Expanding our Reach

We are always looking to expand our reach in order to grow the project. If members of our community have direct contacts with companies and projects that they think will be helpful to growing our business please let us know through our admins. What is helpful here are actual direct contacts and not just company names. Consider our current business as we want to focus on gaming, esports and video partners.
**Forward-Looking Statements*
Certain information set forth in this presentation contains “forward-looking information”, including “future-oriented financial information” and “financial outlook”, under applicable securities laws (collectively referred to herein as forward-looking statements). Except for statements of historical fact, the information contained herein constitutes forward-looking statements and includes, but is not limited to, the (i) projected financial performance of the Company; (ii) the use of proceeds and profits for buy backs hereunder; (iii) the expected development of the Company’s business; (iv) execution of the Company’s vision and growth strategy; (v) completion of the Company’s projects that are currently underway, in development or otherwise under consideration; (vi) future liquidity, working capital, and capital requirements. Forward-looking statements are provided to allow potential investors the opportunity to understand management’s beliefs and opinions in respect of the future so that they may use such beliefs and opinions as one factor in evaluating an investment.
These statements are not guarantees of future performance and undue reliance should not be placed on them. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance and financial results in future periods to differ materially from any projections of future performance or result expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.
Although forward-looking statements contained in this presentation are based upon what management of the Company believes are reasonable assumptions, there can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change except as required by applicable securities laws. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.
Verasity tokens are subject to these terms and conditions.
Verasity provides proprietary technology uniquely rewarding gamers, viewers and publishers. Verasity is a crypto-based platform with the VRA token that aims to revolutionise the online advertising business. With its innovative Proof of View system, advertisers are able to guarantee their video ads are seen and not ignored thanks to smart contracts on the Ethereum chain, while viewers are able to earn VRA simply by watching the content they already consume. Verasity has a focus on gaming publishers and esports.
Verasity revenue streams include:
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2020.11.24 04:49 benefitbunny123456 polish citizenship by grant


My great grandmother came from poland to the US in 1925, her husband came in 1927 (they met in the US and married here) and had my grandmother afterwords. As well, my grandfather's moths is from Poland, and his father from the Russian side of the border(or maybe belarus... either way, not relevant to polish citizenship)

I am interested in getting polish citizenship by grant, do you know if is possible with these dates? Have any of you tried this? Is it hard to obtain, given you have the necessary documents, and how long did it take you to get it?

thank you
submitted by benefitbunny123456 to poland [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 03:32 JessieBates What happened to our elections when in 2015- Blue and Red met with R . Scott Pastrick who; "...serves as a Director of Civitas Group, LLC. AND serves on the Board of Directors of the International Foundation for Election Systems...."

EDIT - post stuck at zero but my karma total is going up 🤔 kinda weird or nah?
With all the partisan politics going on, I feel compelled to share some of my research from 2016/Wikileaks
This is regarding a lunch meeting from 2015 which is BEFORE the fucked Dem primaries and 2016 election.
Please pay attention to the part where head blue guy is casually meeting with a red team member and both are entertaining some narrative spinning/information/vote guiding mutha fuckas 🤨
Of note, are Mike Morell and R. Scott Pastrick; their past employment and current positions (as of the 2015 date).
Specifically, Pastrick; who “...serves as a Director of Civitas Group, LLC. Mr. Pastrick serves on the Board of Directors of the International Foundation for Election Systems...."
I know some will balk at the Flynn stuff but more importantly why would he being meeting with Podesta; the head of blue team in 2015?!
TL/DR per 2016 research with included sources “It’s one big club and YOU AIN’T IN IT.”
Red and blue?
Nah, 99 v 1.
So a Puppet Master walks into a bar....
So a Puppet Master; an ex-CIA agent; a pro-Russian retired General; a retired General stripped of his security clearance and spared of a DOJ investigation by the President; retired Admiral employed by the climate killing BP conglomerate and a guy with Clinton ties, with an IT cyber security/cloud consulting firm and who can bring thousands of technical experts in order to "improve the electoral process" walk into a bar....what and who do they talk about??!!!
So Podesta the puppet master had a meeting with an Admiral, two Generals, Mike Morell, and R. Scott Pastrick??
Mike Morell was twice (2011 and 2012 to 2013) the acting CIA Director who "is a proponent of the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation techniques which many consider to be torture, and is also a proponent of the CIA's targeted killings by drones." and "Since November 2013, he has been a Senior Counselor to Beacon Global Strategies LLC...." [*** "...a strategic advisory firm specializing in International Policy, Defense, Cyber, Intelligence, and Homeland Security." ***] and who "...managed the staff that produced the Presidential Daily Briefings for President George W. Bush. Morell was Bush’s briefer during the September 11, 2001, attacks, and has been quoted as saying, "I would bet every dollar I have that it’s al Qaeda." and "In an August 2016 op-ed for The New York Times, Morell endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Stating that he was registered with neither the Democratic nor Republican parties, and had always been silent about his political preferences...." and "...responded to allegations that his current employer, Beacon Global Strategies, "was co-founded by former associates of Mrs. Clinton", by saying it was a non-partisan firm and that he had spoken out "entirely on [my] own, with no other consideration given any thought."[24] and "In a subsequent interview with Charlie Rose, taped in August 2016, Morell called for making Russia and Iran "pay a price" for their involvement in Syria by killing their military personnel.[25][26] He added that he wanted to bomb Syrian government offices.[25] Regarding President Bashar al-Assad, Morell argued "I want to go after those things that Assad sees as his personal power base. I want to scare Assad."[26]"
R. Scott Pastrick who "...serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Prime Policy Group (formerly, BKSH & Associates Worldwide)." and "...serves as a Director of Civitas Group, LLC. Mr. Pastrick serves on the Board of Directors of the International Foundation for Election Systems...." International Foundation for Electoral Systems - "Over the past three decades, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has brought together thousands of experts to provide technical assistance to election officials, empower the underrepresented to participate in the political process, and apply field-based research to improve the electoral cycle." and Prime Policy Group "....our team of political, legislative and regulatory experts are trusted counselors to corporations, associations, domestic and foreign governments, and political candidates. Working together, we overcome the most challenging obstacles to influence outcomes, create opportunities and achieve policy objectives on behalf of our clients...." and Civitas Group, LLC, " advisory services and consulting company, provides a range of strategic consulting services...." "...offers strategy and management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, support and due diligence, cybersecurity assessment..." "...The company serves defense, aerospace, intelligence, homeland security, cyber security and specialized IT (data analytics and cloud), government services and civilian agencies, critical infrastructure protection, and commercial security markets; large systems integrators and government services providers; consulting firms serving U.S. federal government market; Fortune 1000 corporations; mid-market firms in the national security, homeland security, and government services sectors; lower-middle market and early stage companies; technology and cyber security companies; and financial institutions, including investment banks, private equity sponsors, and venture capital funds associations." "It serves clients in the United States and internationally..." Pastrick - Senior Adviser- Hillary Clinton for President 2007 – 2008 (1 year) At- Large Member - Democratic National Committee 2004 – 2008 At-Large Member - Democratic National Committee 2000 – 2004 Treasurer Democratic National Committee, Democratic National Committee 1995 – 1997 Served as the Democratic National Committee Treasurer for the re-election of President Bill Clinton, Officer & Executive Committee Leadership, Democratic National Committee 1995 – 1997 Chairman Presidential Gala; President Bill Clinton, Democratic National Committee 1993 – 1993 Senior Advisor Clinton for President - Congressional Affairs William J. Clinton for President Committee 1991 – 1992
I've got a few
What in the holy H*LL are these guys talking about in June/July 2015??
Was Pastrick via his Civitas role giving Podesta a "cybersecurity assessment" and advising him about "cyber security and specialized IT (data analytics and cloud), government services and civilian agencies, critical infrastructure protection..." for her and her emails??!!
Was Pastrick also advising Podesta via his IFES role to bring "...together thousands of experts to provide technical assistance to election officials, empower the underrepresented to participate in the political process, and apply field-based research to improve the electoral cycle..." for her??!! (His inclination for all things Clinton is pretty obvious by his resume)
Is General Flynn this guy?? "...described by the Washington Post as "not hostile to Russia,"[21] while Michael Crowley of Vox described Flynn as having "an odd affection for Russia and its authoritarian government."[22]" and "...appearing semi-regularly as an analyst on RT, a Kremlin-aligned English-language news outlet.[21][22][23] In 2015, Flynn attended a gala dinner in Moscow in honor of RT, where he was seated next to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.[23]" and "....consulted regarding national security by candidates Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump,[25] Flynn was asked in February 2016 to serve as an adviser to the Trump campaign.[26] In July 2016, it was reported he was being considered as Trump's running mate; Flynn later confirmed that he had submitted vetting documents to the campaign and was willing to accept the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination if chosen.[27][28]..." Soooo doesn't that mean that Podesta met in June/July/August of 2015 with a PRO-Russia retired US General who had just had dinner with Putin in Moscow in that same year??!! (Holy Russian connections, Batman!!) and Why is Podesta meeting with a Pro-Repub, Pro-Russian guy who was advising Repub candidates on Security Issues and being vetted for Donnie's VP spot?? (Talk about working both sides of the aisle)
General Cartwright - Who now seems to be employed with Center for Strategic and International Studies and who was a "former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, lost his clearance earlier this year. It was an indicator that that government officials might, in some way, consider his ongoing access to secrets a national security risk while he was under investigation by the Department of Justice for possibly leaking sensitive information about the Stuxnet computer virus..." and who "...Analysts are questioning whether the White House is protecting one of its inner-circle members in a leak investigation, especially given the Obama administration’s demonstrated willingness to prosecute and imprison lower-level government employees for providing classified information to the press. Retired Marine Corps Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright was vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and somewhat of a White House fixture as a close military adviser to President Obama. For over a year, he reportedly has been the target of a Justice Department criminal investigation. He is suspected of leaking to The New York Times highly classified details of a U.S. cyberwarfare program against Iran and its quest for nuclear weapons. Gen. Cartwright played a critical role in the covert action, whose weapon was a cyberworm called Stuxnet and whose code name was “Olympic Games.” The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the probe has come to a halt because the White House fears prosecution would force the administration to disclose secret sources and methods. Despite the slowdown, Mr. Obama has been the most aggressive president in history in hunting down and prosecuting government personnel who leak. In six years, the Justice Department has prosecuted nine leakers: One Army soldier; two National Security Agency personnel; two FBI employees; one State Department contractor; two former CIA officers; and, just recently, one...."
Interesting that Podesta is meeting with someone that in March of 2015 Obama somehow spared from DOJ criminal prosecution for "leaking" classified information or is it just me??
Admiral Bowman who is currently an Independent Non-Executive Director at BP and the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board
So a Puppet Master; an ex-CIA agent; a pro-Russian retired General; a retired General stripped of his security clearance and spared of a DOJ investigation by the President; retired Admiral employed by the climate killing BP conglomerate and a guy with Clinton ties, with an IT cyber security/cloud consulting firm and who can bring thousands of technical experts in order to "improve the electoral process" walk into a bar....what and who do they talk about??!!!
submitted by JessieBates to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 19:20 ShrunkGiant Ukrainian Mail Order Brides on camera by BrideCams

Yet the difference, of course, is that the company is making a massive profit from the men making fools of themselves, and while lots of ladies are earning money out of the schemes also, it is unclear that it is helpful to them in the longer term. Anastasia International, while not straight conspiring in the frauds, runs a very profitable business version that allows them to grow. While actual and long-term liaisons do sometimes form through the site, regularly it only serves to boost the concentric circles of skepticism, dissatisfaction and also heartbreak for all entailed. Anastasia urges that it weeds out scams whenever it discovers them, and also has actually banned some women from the website. It also states it will certainly reimburse customers that succumb to scams, and provides recommendations on how to prevent them.
Regardless of attempting to find out English as rapid as she could, when she first got here Wilson can not comprehend what her new other half stated to her. Her marital relationship is better now, she states, due to the fact that they can truly talk. italina Wilson had never ever planned to marry an international male whose language she did not speak. Nor did she intend to relocate 6,000 miles far from her family to a country she understood absolutely nothing regarding. She had a really good task in the audit division of a big importer in her indigenous Ukraine. She was also separated, after weding at 21 to a male whom she refers to as "not fit to domesticity". Her ex-husband had a tough time working as well as made points "tough" for her, she says softly before moving on to happier subjects.
After calling a mail-order company, most of Filipina mail-order brides met their spouses by going to "show-ups", a meeting in which a group of Filipina ladies are brought to meet a Korean man that is searching for a spouse. At the show-up the Oriental man selects a bride-to-be from among the group, and in an issue of days they are married. Asian men likewise worked through mail-order firms to discover partners as they functioned overseas in the 1800s. Trick variables establishing the partnership in between movement and also marital relationship were demographics, legal plans, cultural perceptions and modern technology.
Imbalances between the number of offered women and the number of men desiring partners produced a need for immigrant females. As a result of this inequality, a brand-new system of "picture brides" established in mainly male negotiations. In the early 20th century, the establishment of "picture brides" established because of migration constraints. The Japanese-American Key Arrangement of 1907 enabled Japan to approve passports to the spouses of immigrants to America. As migration of single Japanese ladies to America was successfully disallowed, making use of "picture brides" given a system for ready ladies to obtain a ticket to America, while Japanese employees in America can acquire a women helpmate of their own nationality.

Which country has the most Affairs?

This list prepared by the shows the countries that are most often cited as having illicit affairs. 1. Thailand 56% But it's Thailand which grabbed the top spot with 56% of the population admitting to being unfaithful. 2. Denmark 46% 3. Italy 45% 4. Germany 45% 5. France 43% 6. Norway 41% 7. Belgium 40% 8. Spain 39% More items•
Listed here are six indications you have actually obtained nice dating rules as well as are prone to make an excellent impression-- and valuables you would possibly require to consider doing in your ukraine brides next day, should you aren't already. We are the pursuers and it gets on us men to stimulate some feeling of destination in the woman we want. There have actually been a number of murders of mail-order brides in South Korea. In June 2013, The Philippine embassy in Seoul reported that it had obtained several issues from Filipinas that have married Korean males via mail-order, frequently coming to be "sufferers of grave misuses". The Philippine police rescued 29 mail-order brides on their means to marry South Korea men whom Principal Superintendent Reginald Villasanta, head of an organised criminal activity job pressure, says were "deceived into promises of an immediate well-off life through marriage with Oriental gentlemen". The ladies were advertised in online and offline "magazines" to South Oriental men.
For the women as well, although hundreds of them earn a living from the rip-offs, it is not a simple emotional burden to bear. Other females were really searching for a young and fascinating partner and wished to leave Ukraine, yet invested hours chatting with senior men in order to make money. I was able to uncover specifically how the rip-offs function because of an opportunity encounter with Alina, among the women entailed, who really felt born down by her collusion in what she called "emotional prostitution". A number of them feature absurd assumptions, obviously, but I am unsure that any person deserves this therapy. Equipped with this info, I was completely expecting to invest a week being offended by unpleasant males taking advantage of susceptible females, as well as there were absolutely a few on the journey whose misogyny got to prize-winning levels. I opted for a firm called Anastasia International, which is no dingy basement procedure, however a significant company with a projected income last year of $140m (₤ 84m). It has countless women in Ukraine and across the globe on its books, readily available for conversations as well as in-person conferences with lonely bachelors throughout the world looking for a spouse.

How much is a Ukraian bride?

An average middle-class, university-educated Thai lady deserves a dowry of 100,000- 300,000 baht. A dowry of a million baht for an uneducated lady of modest means is just ridiculous. Thai dowry prices fall drastically if your bride-to-be has been previously married, already has children, or is not a virgin anymore.
A worldwide marriage company is a service that ventures to present males and females of various nations for the objective of marriage, dating, or communication. Most of these marriage firms are based near ladies in creating nations.

Options For Systems In Ukraine Mail Order Other Halves.

Nevertheless, economic elements are not the only driving aspect for ladies in Asia to go into the mail-order sector. Filipina ladies often went into the mail-order industry in the hope of weding abroad and afterwards funding their family members for migration. Sometimes ladies were recruited based upon their physical appearance, with a focus placed on young people as well as virginity. This is discovered among store companies, the majority of which deal with well-off males from various other Oriental nations. The majority of Eastern mail-order brides originate from the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, as well as China. The Korea Times reports that annually, thousands of Oriental guys register for matches with Filipina brides with firms as well as by mail order. Based on data from the Oriental government, there are 6,191 Filipinas in South Korea who are wed to Koreans.
Because the collapse of the Soviet Union, large numbers of eastern European women have actually promoted themselves in such a way, mostly from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova. Men that list themselves in such publications are referred to as "mail-order husbands", although this is a lot less typical. As internet dating has actually gone mainstream over the previous years, Anastasia is attempting to rebrand what was when called the "mail-order bride" market as something modern and modern. This is no longer the protect of seedy and unscrupulous guys looking for vulnerable women from poor backgrounds to work as a longterm sex servant, the marketing suggests. This is "international dating", a way to locate romance without borders. As soon as you solve you are going to offer it a shot, the initial point it is a good idea to do is develop your profile.
Though lots of guys claim they desire a smart, amusing, or moral Russian female, those aren't the search terms they use. " hot Russians" as well as "Russian brides" are two of the top key words in the Russian dating sector, and also as we are an on the internet organization we naturally intend to capture that web traffic. And also, or simply doesn't have the very same ring to it.

Q: Would You Take Into Consideration An Objective For These Ladies To Come To Be A "Bride" To Be The Need To Leave Russia?

Although these marital relationships can be successful, in many cases immigrant wives are maltreated, misunderstood and separated from their Oriental spouses. One technique men use when selecting girls as spouses is "Like a court in an elegance contest, the guy interviews the females, a number of them 20 years younger than he, as well as chooses". The term "mail-order new bride" is both slammed by proprietors of international marriage firms and used by them as an easily well-known term. A mail-order bride-to-be is a female that provides herself in brochures and is chosen by a man for marriage. In the twentieth century, the pattern was mainly towards ladies residing in developing nations looking for guys in more industrialized countries. In the 21st century, the pattern is now based mainly on internet-based gathering place which do not per se certify as mail-order new bride services. The majority of the females listed in the twentieth-century as well as twenty-first-century services are from Southeast Asia, nations of the previous Eastern Bloc and also from Latin America.

You've Seen Hot Ukrainian Brides.

International dating sites supply a wide variety of on-line interaction, including instantaneous messaging, email letters, webchat, phone translation, digital gifts, live games, as well as mobile-based chat. International marriage firms are often described as "mail-order bride" companies. Nevertheless, lots of take into consideration the term "mail-order bride-to-be" negative and feel it demeans foreign females by comparing them to commodities to buy and by falsely indicating that, they exercise no judgment over the men they satisfy as well as would certainly wed anyone from a relatively rich country. Many international brides originate from establishing nations in Asia. The countries the ladies come from are confronted with joblessness, malnutrition as well as inflation.

Q: What Kind Of Woman Usually Enroll In This Solution? Age? Are They Truly Warm?

See the next ukraine mail order brides web page to get going, as well as be shown what online dating resembles, figure out exactly how it actually works as well as obtain some valuable ideas concerning making your online dating experience risk-free and effective. In passing IMBRA, Congress was replying to claims by the Tahirih Justice Facility, a lady's campaigning for group, that mail-order brides were vulnerable to domestic abuse due to the fact that they are not familiar with the regulations, language and customizeds of their brand-new home. The TJC firmly insisted that unique legislation was needed to safeguard them.

Men who live with mail-order brides reveal what life is REALLY like - Daily Mail

Men who live with mail-order brides reveal what life is REALLY like.
Posted: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 07:00:00 GMT [source]

International Marriage Company.

Oftentimes nonetheless, sufferers were fed incorrect info regarding the history of their future partner and family members, and endured abuse southern Oriental guys, which brought about "desertion of the marriage house, splitting up and also divorce", Villasanta stated. The New York Times records, "On a monthly basis, thousands of South Korean males fly to Vietnam, the Philippines, Nepal and Uzbekistan on special journeys. An agent accompanies each guy to see many ladies in a solitary day, often all gathered in the same hall".
International marriage agencies motivate ladies to register for their solutions, and also help with interaction and also conferences with men from created areas of North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and also New Zealand. This network of smaller sized worldwide marriage agencies is frequently connected with web-based worldwide dating sites that have the ability to market their services on a bigger range, in compliance with guidelines such as the International Marriage Broker Guideline Act. Experian, a marketing research firm, reports that the top 10 international dating websites attracted 12 million visitors in March 2013, up 29% from March 2012.
submitted by ShrunkGiant to bridecams [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 19:01 CSGOMatchThreads BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020: Showdown - Information, Schedule & Discussion

BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020: Showdown


English English (Youtube)
Brasil Finland France Germany Hungary Poland Portugal Spain


  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-three matches
  • Top two teams advance to the BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020: Finals

Broadcast Talent

Desk Host
James Banks (James Banks)
Freya (Freya Spiers)
Maniac (Mathieu Quiquerez) Pimp (Jacob Winneche)
Anders Blume (Anders Blume) Semmler (Auguste Massonnat) launders (Mohan Govindasamy) Scrawny (Conner Girvan)
prius (David Kuntz)


Cloud9: ALEX, es3tag, floppy, mezii, woxic, Coach: kassad
Complexity Gaming: blameF, jks, k0nfig, poizon, RUSH, Coach: keita
Endpoint: CRUC1AL, flameZ, MiGHTYMAX, robiin, Surreal, Coach: RossR
FaZe Clan: broky, coldzera, Kjaerbye, olofmeister, rain
FURIA Esports: arT, HEN1, KSCERATO, VINI, yuurih
GODSENT: emi, Farlig, Maden, STYKO, zehN, Coach: Devilwalk
Heroic: b0RUP, cadiaN, niko, stavn, TeSeS
Isurus Gaming: caike, deco, JonY BoY, Noktse, reversive, Coach: pino
MAD Lions: acoR, HooXi, refrezh, roeJ, sjuush, Coach: peacemaker
MIBR: kNgV-, leo_drk, LUCAS1, trk, vsm, Coach: cogu, Coach: mithR
mousesports: Bymas, chrisJ, frozen, karrigan, ropz
Ninjas in Pyjamas: hampus, nawwk, Plopski, REZ, twist, Coach: THREAT
Sprout: denis, dycha, faveN, snatchie, Spiidi, Coach: enkay J
Team Liquid: EliGE, Grim, NAF, Stewie2K, Twistzz, Coach: moses
Team Spirit: chopper, iDISBALANCE, magixx, mir, sdy, Coach: Certus buster, Jame, qikert, SANJI, YEKINDAR, Coach: dastan


Day 1 (Tuesday November 24)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
R16 Complexity vs Sprout TBD 05:30 08:30 09:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 20:30 23:30 BO3
R16 Spirit vs VP TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
R16 FURIA vs Isurus TBD 11:30 14:30 15:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30 05:30 BO3
Day 2 (Wednesday November 25)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
R16 mouz vs GODSENT TBD 05:30 08:30 09:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 20:30 23:30 BO3
R16 NiP vs Cloud9 TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
R16 FaZe vs MIBR TBD 11:30 14:30 15:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30 05:30 BO3
Day 3 (Thursday November 26)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
R16 Liquid vs Lions TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
R16 Heroic vs Endpoint TBD 11:30 14:30 15:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30 05:30 BO3
Day 4 (Friday November 27)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
QF TBD vs TBD TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
QF TBD vs TBD TBD 11:30 14:30 15:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30 05:30 BO3
Day 5 (Saturday November 28)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
QF TBD vs TBD TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
QF TBD vs TBD TBD 11:30 14:30 15:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30 05:30 BO3
Day 6 (Sunday November 29)
ID Team vs Team Result PDT EDT BRT GMT CET EET SGT AEDT Format
SF TBD vs TBD TBD 08:30 11:30 12:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 23:30 02:30 BO3
SF TBD vs TBD TBD 11:30 14:30 15:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30 05:30 BO3

Prize Pool

# Prize Blast Premier Seed Team
1st - 2nd $25,000 1500 pts BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020: Finals Winner SF
1st - 2nd $25,000 1500 pts BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020: Finals Winner SF
3rd - 4th $15,000 750 pts - Loser SF
3rd - 4th $15,000 750 pts - Loser SF
5th - 8th $10,000 375 pts - Loser QF
5th - 8th $10,000 375 pts - Loser QF
5th - 8th $10,000 375 pts - Loser QF
5th - 8th $10,000 375 pts - Loser QF
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
9th - 16th $3,750 - - Loser R16
submitted by CSGOMatchThreads to GlobalOffensive [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 09:17 TheGoatPuncher Weekly amateur tournament round-up for week 47

A new week begins, and with that new opportunities to smash noobs present themselves. Here are the tournaments you can participate in this week:
ESL Open Cup Asia #46
To be played on Monday, the 23rd of November, from 09:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Korea.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd-4th place $50.
ESL Open Cup Europe #46
To be played on Monday, the 23rd of November, from 16:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd-4th place $50.
ESL Open Cup Americas #46
To be played on Monday, the 23rd of November, from 23:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Americas.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd-4th place $50.
SCVRush Open #237 - Link to previous edition, to be updated
To be played on Tuesday, the 24th of November, from 17:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place $15, second place $5.
Stay at home: BeAsT`s semi pro League qualifier #3
To be played on Tuesday, the 24th of November, from 17:30 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU
Prize $75 prize pool, details TBD
Stay at home: BeAsT`s semi pro League qualifier #4
To be played on Thursday, the 26th of November, from 17:30 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU
Prize $75 prize pool, details TBD
Sea Duckling Open #91
To be played on Friday, the 27th of November, from 10:00 UTC.
Open to Bronze to Diamond
Server NA
Prize 1st place can pick from in-game SC2 item up to $15 AUD in worth OR 1-month Twitch subscription for 2 channels from this list
The Magikarp Masters Cup Biweekly #15
To be played on Friday, the 27th of November, from 01:00 UTC.
Open to Any league up to 4900 mmr
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets 66.66% of whatever the prize pool is at the time, 2nd place gets the rest
Sugar 2v2 Cup #13 - Link to previous edition, to be updated
To be played on Saturday, the 28th of November, from 02:00 UTC.
Open to Two player teams of any league.
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets US$35, second place US$15
Grand Platypus Open #48
To be played on Saturday, the 28th of November, from 08:00 UTC
Open to SEA/OCE region players of any level
Server Australia/Singapore
Prize 1st place gets US$24, 2nd place US$24.
REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #100 - Please note the linked site is in Russian
To be played on Saturday, the 28th of November, from 15:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $36, 2nd place gets $16
Winner Winner I'll Buy Your F'ing Dinner #18
To be played on Saturday, the 21st of November, from 19:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets take-out food order of their choice
Legacy Weekly Japan 243 Open - Will update when the Challonge page comes online
To be played on Sunday, the 22nd of November, from 12:00 UTC.
Open to Diamond and up Japanese players or Japan residents.
Server Korean.
Prize 1st place gets 4,000 yen, 2nd place 2,000 yen 3rd and 4th 1,000 yen and 5th to 8th 500 yen.
The Cascadia Cup Weekly #3
To be played on Sunday, the 29th of November, from 21:00 UTC
Open to Any league
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets $35, 2nd place $10, 3rd place $5
BeAsT Weekly Cup #73 - Will update when the Challonge page comes online
To be played on Sunday, the 22nd of November, from 18:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU
Prize 1st place gets $25, 2nd place gets $10
That was all folks! Please note that this list may be subject to change as necessitated by cancellations or additions. Please also keep an eye on this_Kuro/Open_Tournaments) and this_Kuro/Amateur_Tournaments) page on Liquipedia for possible additional tournaments.
All tournament times in UTC for consistency and readability, your date and time can and will differ depending on your timezone.
If you know of any tournament not included here, please let me know in the comments or by PM and I'll get it added promptly.
Gl hf to everyone participating in any of the above tournaments. Have a great week :)
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2020.11.23 08:58 ProperlyHedged Autist's Gambit - Declined Variation [THANKSGIVING RESOLUTION]

Autist's Gambit - Declined Variation [THANKSGIVING RESOLUTION]
Many of the $NFLX permabulls, chess savants, and lazy-bum quarantine autists like myself have seen the newly released miniseries Queen's Gambit. For those of you who haven't heard of it yet, Queen's Gambit is set during the Cold War era, where orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon struggles with addiction in a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world.
Elizabeth \"Beth\" Harmon
Congratulations, you've read this far. So you might be thinking: "What the fuck does a queen and a gambit have to do with my autistic NIO-buying ass in a DD?" Yes, I will begin to explain why watching this series has inspired me to change my entire trading strategy. If you can't see it yet, I don't blame you. You have to kind of be retarded to see the relationship here.
Beth was an addict. You are an addict.
Beth became good at chess when she freed herself of her addiction.
You can become good at trading if you free yourself of your addiction.
Please stop yoloing fucking FDs.
Your addictions
Yes, I know. This is Wall Street Bets. But deep down, you are hurting, aren't you? You know that you aren't a real chad, and you are so beta that the covariance of your returns relative to the market is so much greater than the market variance. Day by day your losses repeat themselves, and all you want to do is to start seeing some green in your portfolio for Christmas season. Then you can get yourself a girlfriend so that you, your wife, your girlfriend, and your wife's boyfriend can start going on double dates instead of third wheeling all the time.
So this brings us to the question: "what should you do to start winning?"
Your portfolio
The answer is to start selling options. Imagine that for every loss you have ever incurred, your wife's boyfriend was on the opposite side of the trade, sniggering at you as you reach into your wife's purse to take our her credit card, deposit your funds into Robinhood, and purchase $NIO calls. He knows that $NIO calls are simply a means for you to transfer money into his pocket. He happily collects the premium that you just paid and drives off to Wendy's to collect his $4 for 4 happy meal. As he drives by, he sees a figure behind the dumpster, on his knees, and gives thanks to the lord that there exists a retard in this world that can feed him.
Beth beats Borgov
At the end of the series, Beth eventually takes down the Russian Grandmaster Borgov. I found this scene to be particularly insightful because it shows how one can overcome his/her addiction to eventually achieve true success. I encourage the members of WSB to take this Thanksgiving week to think about what their addictions are, and what steps they can take to achieve freedom.
- PLTR $30 11/27C - NIO $60 11/27C - TSLA $600 11/27C
submitted by ProperlyHedged to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

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2020.11.23 02:21 Georgegurel Turkestan, Alash order and Azerbaijan rework

So with the latest rework, we finally have an up to date Ottoman Empire, with 2.5 different paths to follow. This rework was masterfully crafted, with mechanics imported from other countries, such as the Parliament mechanic from the US or even from other games, like the autonomy status of the different states, that has been imported from EU IV (I think).
However, the spheres of influence the Ottomans and Russians are quarrelling over, don’t have a focus tree atm.
With Russia defeated, the capitulations abolished, the biggest threats for the Ottoman Empire had been eliminated. However not all set war goals were achieved. Even tho buffer states around Russia had been established, the Ottoman control over these states could not been established. As the Russian bear slowly awakes from his sleep, it is the foremost duty of the Imperial Government in Konstantiniyye to ensure that the Turkic states of Middle Asia and the Caucasus are well enough equipped to halt any Russian aggression, therefore containing any Imperial ambitions of Russia.
And here comes the break. That’s what the Ottomans wanted to achieve as their set war goals in 1914. As we all know Russia just gets The Alash Orda and Turkestan as a present, due to their focuses, sometimes they even get the Don Kuban, Georgia and Azerbaijan. As far as I know KR Lore, doesn’t explicitly explain where Enver Pasha joined the Basmachi Movement as he did in OTL.
One thing is certain tho, even if the rulers of Turkestan dislike their Ottoman kin, it’s very likely that they will turn to the Ottomans in case of Russian aggression, or to organise help for East Turkestan. It’s more than likely that not only Turkestan and the Ottoman Empire will send weapons and volunteers to East Turkestan, but also Afghanistan, maybe Iran and most certainly Egypt. Why Egypt? Egypt considered it self to be the successor of the Ottoman Empire, as leading muslim Nation after WW1. So for me it’s just very logical that a country that claims leadership over all Muslims, competing with its former Ottoman Overlord, will send weapons to east Turkestan. That said, I think East Turkestan should get some more decisions, so that they can get help in their war for independence, the Muslim nations should also get decisions to send help. But back to Turkestan, I’m case of Russian aggression I think they should get decisions to ask for weapons, from: OTT, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and East Turkestan.
This goes especially for the Ottomans as, help could be send as Infantry weapons and support equipment, but rather than sending that directly, you choose to buy German weapons and send them there, getting a debuff for 60 days on civilian factories. (For example).
Peace in the Russian-Turkmen war should be achieved via an event.
If the Russians loose x amount of troops or if takes too long or if Turkestan manages to capture core Russian territory, an event should fire ending the War between Turkestan and Russia.
There should also be an flavour event, in the Ottoman-Persian war, that clearly states that Turkestan would stay neutral in the conflict between its Ottoman Kin and Persia, despite the pivotal help the Emirate has just received from the Ottoman Government in its struggle against the Russians.
Also I would add a desiccation for Afghanistan to join the war against Russia, if Turkestan yields Tajikistan, which is ethnically Persian to them.
As to Azerbaijan, this is a great deal more complicated, because of the Baku oil fields.
These are only very few things, but they would add a lot of flavour to the central Asian Theatre. Thus, adding a lot of fun to the Ottomans and Persia.
Btw. I think the Ottomans shouldn’t be able to get Iranian Kurdistan from Persia, they also shouldn’t puppet Persia when they win the war, I think they should just peace out, get oil concessions from Hamadan, troop access and then reconcile via a focus or decision. Azerbaijan should get South Azerbaijan from Persia and that’s it. On the other hand side, some focuses of Iran should get blocked when they loose the war against the Ottomans.
What do you guys think?
submitted by Georgegurel to Kaiserreich [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 01:40 Main-Return-8257 Friendzoning my SO of 12 years

I(31f) have been with my SO (31m) for 12 years, I would say we have always been very good friends but he has failed/not wanted to draw boundaries with his lady friends, this has taken a toll on my trust and self esteem.
As for myself, I had a close male friend (that SO didn’t like) who confesses he had feelings for me so I stopped contact and told SO his gut was right and he asks me to block him from social media.
-fast forward to year eight when things were running way better we had adopted a dog and all, I remember he was scrolling through his phone showing me pictures from the past night’s concert and i see sexy pictures of a mutual friend who’s married to one of his best friends (funny he commented several times how inappropriate she was by posting sexy pictures being in a LTR and now married) I confront him and ask for his phone, he had a lot of pics of girls I didn’t know, some I did know but the married girl stuck to me the most because we used to double date a lot with them, why would you jerk off to your bff’s spouse? Anyway he apologized again & said no more.
-year 9 we’re kind of ok trust wise but I feel something is going on because there’s this girl loving every picture, every comment on his FB so when he leaves his phone unlocked I check it to find he’s been flirting with her, some convos I could read he says he’s in bed and how cool would it be to have the dog on his side and her on the other. I broke up with him, he seems heartbroken, I leave and can’t take the dog with me so I visit them often, he asks for couples therapy and a second chance, we go to counseling for about 3 months and then back together, at this time I have a hard time with my libido and we’re not very sexually in tune but apart from that we’re trying to be ok
-year 11 I keep beating myself for not fully trusting him and I ask him to see his phone one night out of nowhere, I was already thinking on how to apologize for my behavior when his first reaction was to leave the house in the middle of the night and come back after I was already asleep, he said there was nothing bad to hide and that’s it.
This year he also brings a friend from work he’s never talked about, I was at work, our roomate was supposed to be at work but he’s actually in his room and is the one asking me who that girl was so that’s how I found out. I’m not implying he was going to cheat but it’s grounds for me not trusting even more, I ask to be introduced to said girl and it never happens.
This is also the year where he creates an Instagram account for the first time, he was always so adamant of this so when he friend requested me it was a surprise to see he already had +1k followed friends so silly me all triggered checks that list, I find almost all the girls I’ve talked about, the ones he flirted with, our married friend, lots of sexy influencers, naked models, his friend from work I never heard about turned up to be gorgeous and posting lots of sexy pictures. (Important to say that married girl or friend from work are unaware of our problems involving them, I’ve never taken it agains them)
So this is when my heart just broke, I know it sounds stupid and you must think I’m dumb for staying through all this and it’s because I probably am, some would think it’s not a big deal and it’s just pictures but after several attempts of telling him how his behavior was making me feel, after couples counseling openly talking about his lack of drawing boundaries and he still has the balls to follow those girls something simply broke in me, I sent him some captions of the girls and asked him why would he do that or if he wanted so bad to see them why adding me but I got no response, so I moved to the futon we have in the bedroom, I have no intentions of forgiving him this time but it sure feels awful to picture a future without him after all this years; to have to split time with our dog, I guess resentment started since our DB but it has punched me hard now, it’s not that he physically cheated but just the thought of me trying, of being naked in front of him and not getting a positive outcome while he was going back to his old ways sickens me and makes me feel so worthless. It’s been three nights of me sleeping apart, we have different work schedules so he’s home by midnight when I’m falling asleep and I hadn’t have the energy to confront or bring up the subject to him, I know he won’t say anything until I do and if he does he will be asking me what will happen to us. I guess what I’m doing is friendzoning him just like that and in my mind if he wants to leave he can, if he doesn’t want to see me again that’s fine but I don’t know how that would work if we both love our dog. I’ve hated the feeling of breaking up before and I’m dreading the final talk while grieving our relationship.
I don’t even know exactly what I want from you readers but advise on how to go on from here, I have so many thoughts I can barely sleep and I hate that my late night crying upsets my dog, I’m emotionally exhausted from this relationship but I’m still not ready to literally let him go and I wish I could invest in therapy but I will barely afford paying rent/bills if/when he leaves so maybe sometime in the future, right now I have the deepest feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness I’ve ever had...
TL;DR Emotional cheating plus DB made me friendzone my 12 yo relationship (not sure if this is ok for a tldr)
submitted by Main-Return-8257 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 23:00 NukuBu [ARMA 3] Operation Ring Part II - Saturday, Nov. 28th @2000 UTC

Calendar Details:2020-11-28 20:00Arma 3 Operation Ring

Operation Ring part II


When? 20:00 UTC
Get the mods through our mod downloader, Swifty
Want more info? Our documentation
Join our Arma unit:
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with mods or teamspeak, do not hesitate to contact the event host or any of the helpers on teamspeak or Discord. DM on Discord and Reddit PM are the easiest way to get a hold of the event host.
Valtatie 7:
. 2020
Due to Russias increased provocations and presence in balkan states, EU has set a trade ban with Russia. This caused Russia to increase it's military activity on the borders of EU countries that neighbour it. This was seen as declaration of war by EU, which in turn set out massive NATO operation toward Russian borders. Due to Finland not being a NATO country but only a ally nation, there isn't any NATO precense in there, which in turn gave rise to increased military activity by FDF, in hopes of deter and defend against possible attack from Russia. Russia decided to get better foothold of the baltic sea and eventually launch massive naval operation, using Finlands coastal waters, and to establish bufferzone for possible retaliation from NATO countries. Of course Finland wasn't the only country to be invaded. The Invasion would start on many fronts across the Finnish border.

Enemy Forces

  • Enemy's Composition, Disposition, Strength:
finnish defence forces. German bundeswehr
  • Enemy's Capabilities &Limitations:
Entrancement and rapid shock depoyments.
  • Enemy's Most Likely Course Of Action:
they will likely send out their Armored Battalions.
  • Enemy's Most Dangerous Course of Action
Countering our Advance on the frontline

Friendly Forces

  • Higher's Mission &Intent:
better foothold of the baltic sea.
  • Friendlys in the Region:
VMF at Base


3rd Armored Platoon (T-14)
7th field artillery (d-30)

Civil/Terrain considerations

-Civil population will not be active.
-Terrain mostly woodland and small elevation in terrain.


we gonna fight in Sector ANNA Sectors map zoom in on Sector ANNA will be given Asap
Main task is to gain control over Virolahti by:
  • Breaking the Frontline
  • Capture the main City
  • Seizing the Docks


Infantrie supported with tanks will break the frontline and push to the MSR .

Commander's Intent

the Airfield is our main target once we controll the airfield we can fly in the heavy stuff.


the usual


pilot you are not gonna do much DM for the exact job (mi8)

Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: Discord Name: Slot: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (all roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to MC.
3 Hour Event
mission will be 3 hours or longer if people wanna continue


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/Role IGN
Platoon Commander
2nd-in-Command Syrupy_M00se
Platoon Medic Lelldorin
ALPHA Squad Leader Darthaethous
Automatic Rifleman Maple
Assistant Automatic Rifleman
FireTeam Leader
Rifleman LAT
AT Specialist
Rifleman Cuddles
BRAVO Squad Leader
Automatic Rifleman
Assistant Automatic Rifleman
FireTeam Leader
Rifleman LAT
AT Specialist
Charlie Squad Leader Kunge
Medic Squire_Gareth
Automatic Rifleman Lordphill
Assistant Automatic Rifleman Geelik
FireTeam Leader Meavis
Rifleman LAT Hansel
AT Specialist Micheal
Rifleman Scarecrow
Rhino 1 Platoon Commander[Tank DLC] Lottery slot
Gunner Lottery slot
driver Fireant3
Rhino 2 Commander[Tank DLC] Lottery slot
Gunner Lottery slot
Rhino 3 Commander[Tank DLC] Lottery slot
Gunner Lottery slot
Neptune Arty Leader Bytor
Gunner legensassy
Gunner Libation
Gunner Piloh
Eagle-1 Pilot Lottery slot


submitted by NukuBu to The_Misfit_Company [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 21:00 Cheraygo What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

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2020.11.22 19:31 fatima_mdx To that person who wrote that we “should thank Americans for creating the outrage against CA” and all the people that upvoted it

This is reposted from Kpopthoughts but I’m afraid that the downvotes will bury it there.
{Disclaimer; I’m not attacking all American stans here just the ones I mentioned}
It was posted on Kpoprants a while back and I’m sure it has been deleted/removed since though.
This isn’t really Kpop related either but please give me a chance to explain what I’m trying to say. Most of the times when it comes to stans trying to “educate” Idols and presumably Koreans in general it comes from American stans. Yes, other western stans do it too but online the majority of people that do this are from the US. This isn’t hate but just an observation.
First let’s get some things about CA out of the way;
  1. What is the definition of Cultural Appropriation?
Cultural appropriation is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures.
Source: Wikipedia
  1. Where did the term CA originate from?
The term emerged in the 1980s, in discussions of post-colonial critiques of Western expansionism, though the concept had been explored earlier, such as in "Some General Observations on the Problems of Cultural Colonialism" by Kenneth Coutts‐Smith in 1976.
Source: Wikipedia
So who is Kenneth Coutts-Smith? Kenneth was a British artist, critic and historian. So way before the term became “official” in the US he had been studying and researching the matter.
Source: MemoryBC
To be more specific what they were discussing at that time was the term “Cultural Imperialism”
The definition of that being;
Cultural imperialism, also called cultural colonialism, comprises the cultural aspects of imperialism. "Imperialism" here refers to the creation and maintenance of unequal relationships between civilizations, favoring a more powerful civilization.
Source: Wikipedia
This term can go back centuries ago and has been researched for decades now (and again no, it didn’t start with Americans). One prime example is the “Russian Imperialism” which has been dated back to the 9th century.
Let’s take a look at the US now, the biggest example of cultural imperialism being the Native Americans. It seems so long ago but the boarding schools which Native American kids were forced to attend were actually established in the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s sad but also important to read about it.
Source: Wikipedia
Last example that I experienced first hand. I’m from the Netherlands and on December 5th we celebrate Sinterklaas. This is a Dutch/German and Belgium children’s holiday. As a kid, I absolutely loved it, we got presents/candy and the vibes around it during the winter were so much fun. Now what’s does this have to do with CA you wonder? Well this sweet man who blessed us kids had even sweeter helpers, wonder what they look like? Here you go, this is “Zwarte Piet” meaning “Black Piet” (Piet is just a regular name.) Well our sweet Sint has a lot of Pieten, helpers(helping) Piet, Zeur(Nagging)Piet, Wegwijs (the one who directs them in the right place) Piet are just some of them. On December 4th all the kids put a carrot (for Sint’s horse) in their shoes and put it under the fire place. Then the Pieten come down through the chimney and place your gifts there. According to the people defending this holiday that’s the reason why they are suddenly Black with Afro hair, earrings and red lipstick. All because of that damned chimney. So the people asked a good question, why not make it Roet(Soot) Piet? Like this And ditch all of the other stereotypical features? Well that was absolutely not an option. It would totally ruin our kids holiday party. Mind you, kids didn’t care, they just wanted candy and presents. It was the adults refusing to make this less racist and more logical. So the first protest began in 1968 (long before the US cared about CA) the Black minority in the Netherlands wanted to add White Pieten as well because they felt discriminated against. And rightfully so.
Last year a Black Dutch soccer player broke down in tears when he was playing a match. (Because for decades every year on this holiday there’s protests with no solution, so the tensions are high). While he was playing white boys kept calling him “Zwarte Piet” and making monkey sounds. The referee didn’t do anything so he walked off the field. In light of the BLM movement there was a huge protest in Amsterdam where this was discussed again. A black artist mentioned that he would beat up anyone that did blackface this year and he was sued and shunned even by our prime minister.
In conclusion two things here;
  1. No America didn’t create the outrage for CA. Yes their media and entertainment industry made it reach a bigger audience but we don’t have to thank them for anything.
  2. No one is in a position to “educate” others since we have to look at ourselves first. The Netherlands is considered one of the most free and tolerant countries yet look what’s happening here.
In the US CA is rampant and sometimes overlooked. Almost all American artists have fully embraced CA/Blackface at one point in their career too.
Isn’t it worse that we (the west) are “educated” on this matter yet still do it?
Apologies for such a long post but I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time now. Please let me know your thoughts too! I’m always open for a healthy discussion💗
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2020.11.22 18:48 tiberius14 I'm [34M] afraid of taking my GF [29F] home for Christmas

Hi all!
I've recently begun dating a girl I met. She is the sweetest thing and I count myself lucky. Like all relationships, there are expectations of it lasting long though at this point in my life I won't fool myself by ignoring that might not be the case.
I am 34 and currently living at my mother's with my siblings. I've lived alone since I was 21 and moved back a year ago partly because of money issues. My mother has been an absolute saint and never made any remarks about it. I think in a way she likes having me around but much as I love her I know it's unacceptable for a healthy, grown man to be living at his mother's expense. I'll move out in 2021 and that's an absolute priority.
Some weeks ago I met my GF and things moved very fast, to a point we're talking about the future. I know, like I said above, it might not work long-term, but right now things are fine and we're smitten. She's from outside of town and because of flight restrictions, it's likely she won't be able to go to her family's for Christmas. I am considering asking her to spend it with us but haven't told her yet because a) I've never brought any GF home to meet my family and b) it isn't yet sure she won't be able to go see her family.
She has said us meeting each other's families and friends is important to her... but I've never introduced any past girlfriend to my family. The reason I haven't brought any girl home is because I don't feel comfortable doing so. I can't exactly put my finger on it but something about it makes me extremely uncomfortable. My parents always made it quite clear they expected me to date a certain type of girl and my mother in particular seems to dislike the very idea of me dating people seriously. I am unsure if that is because my source of income being unstable or because of something else. She seems perfectly happy about my brother's and sister's significant others and even invited them to her birthday some months ago (at the time my sister had been dating her SO for a couple of months). Every time my sister mentions her boyfriend my mother makes some positive remark and even mentioned my sister should invite him to our place again but when I mention any GF of mine my mother either remains silent, changes the subject or makes some polite, inconsequential question. Today I mentioned my GF speaks Russian and my mother just asked if she was the Mediterranean girl I'd spoken of before. That's it. No "wow, that's impressive" nor "interesting. what did you say she does for a living?". Not even a "what's her name?".
I am not sure how to proceed: on one hand, I'm a grown man, who maybe shouldn't care as much about his family's opinions. On the other, I am living in a house that isn't mine and must show respect.
What are your thoughts on it and what do you think I should do?

TLDR: reluctant to bring GF home for Christmas because of family.
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2020.11.22 17:34 vjwua Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 4: Battle Scenarios

Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 4: Battle Scenarios
Hello, fans of KR! I'm a vjw and I can call myself a fan of PDX games. You can love them for a lot, and most of all for modding. I participate in one mod on Vicky2 (my responsibility - flags, map), now I am actively engaged with DH - mostly battle scenarios.
Stir up your imagination: what is hidden?
I think you're familiar with them: a limited map, clear goals, accurate OOB and along with those fun (if not about HOI3, they have forgotten how). I started doing them a year ago, and my first work was about the 1925 Revolution. After the public appearance, I was noticed by Alex (eberronguy), who was satisfied with the scenario. He helped accept me into the team, and I thank him very much for that. Finally, it gave me an incentive to do not only KRDH, but also other, no less famous mods… So speaking of battle scenarios, I have to start with the British Revolution.
No wonder this event has great weight in KRTL: to lose in the great war and to lose the world afterwards. The Syndicalist revolution is from afar like the fall of the titan, and up close, there are riots in industrial cities, the fiery speeches of Maclean and Mosley, the panicked flight of the royal family to Canada. Smells like change!
It is worth mentioning that during this year of work I was engaged in the development of new events, balancing (which is quite important), testing. And you like this result. Participate in the showdown between syndies and royalists is invaluable. Could you imagine that the Royal Army would defeat the TUC without an expeditionary force? Will the transition of the garrisons to their side help the rebels? Probably a wretched spring can turn into a bloody summer. Although it is clear that events would have been completely different if not for the war on the other side of the English Channel.
You can say everything: that France is unlucky with its neighbour, that this country is very revolutionary, and so on. The fact remains: the first successful socialist revolution took place. Finding its cause is a child's task, but the rest of the information, if any, is pale and dry. A great reason to think about how everything could have happened.

  1. France is too weak to resist. The demoralized army does not want to fight the strong German army for anything. They would return home. Foch's command was unable to stop the bleeding of the troops, and one morning the soldiers woke up with a broken front.
Where people did not experience the horrors of trench warfare, they met with another force - the left. The CGT, the largest trade union confederation with millions of members, will not lose the chance to settle accounts with the Conservative government. The republic, according to travailleurs, is completely rotten by the old, corrupt system and needs to be destroyed. And in its place will be a socialist state, where the working class will not depend on the whims of the bourgeoisie.
The voice of socialism was loud: May Day demonstration gathered up to half a million people in Paris. He was also heard in the army, which consisted mainly of leftists. They waited for the front to fall apart and the Germans to come close to Paris. We waited for the people to boil. When the Germans threatened the occupation of the capital, the government was forced to sign a surrender. France exploded. Thousands of dissenters attacked the gendarmerie, ransacked cities, and whistled at the government as allies of the bourgeoisie. The culmination was on the 1st of November, when the CGT issued an ultimatum against the still mobilized troops, which provided for the surrender of their weapons. The unrealized threat marked the beginning of a protracted civil war.
Republican France is in dire straits, and if they do not want to flee to Algeria, they must defeat the revolutionaries. The situation is complicated by the failure of demobilization and the siege of large cities. Can this stop us? But problems are not limited to them. In Normandy settled anarchist Bolshevik Péricat, who plans to organize his territory with you know what. He opposes the treacherous CGT and it is not known what is in his head. The Britons will also invite autonomy. It will be difficult for syndies because they are the first. Their units are divided, but together they are a force. The left is able to capture France, and is ready for a long fight.
Let's rest a little in Spain, where there is a civil war, which is allocated in a separate scenario. This is a consolation for those who do not want to wait a year and a half, but immediately rush into battle. Monarchists, Anarchists, Carlists - a classic set on the table. Just take and unfold, beat and enjoy!
Now I still want to ask you: does anyone not like Savinkov? And who doesn't like large-scale campaigns? Oh, rest assured, the Russo-German war will be of great interest to you, and not just a big map.
The story of Savinkov’s arrival should be familiar to you: January Assassination, clashes in the Duma and after it the Kornilov-Savinkov alliance, the death of the Winter Campaign leader, and the unification of positions. The Vozhd’ rules a strong and aggravated nation, and sets a course for general militarization. There are other processes inherent in national populists: one-party rule, aggression, defamation of non-Slavs, massive propaganda. First of all, Russia wanted to revive imperial greatness, even more - to pass the rink in Berlin, in Europe, to cause fear in all who want to stand up against the one and indivisible. Special attention should be paid to the modernization of the army and the strengthening of the Yunarmia, which has about a million young soldiers. Russia is morally and physically ready for a great war, a patriotic one. The situation is also favourable. Russophiles teamed up with nationalists in the Baltics against German immigrants. A large-scale campaign to protect the rights of Russians is under way in Belarus and Ukraine. Even in the Commonwealth there were cells of Savinkov's supporters. Everything converged. The Vozhd’ was just waiting for the right reason.
June 5, 1941 is a sad day for the Germans. Wilhelm II dies – the Weltkriegkaiser, a symbol of the greatness of Germany, who survived a new war with France and witnessed the third fall of Paris. Hundreds of thousands of people come to his funeral. The ominous silence that hung under the procession forced Germany: something was about to happen. The new Kaiser, Wilhelm III, is preparing for the coronation. Suddenly, the next day, the foreign minister informs him of a possible Russian intervention. Not having time to understand what is happening, a day later the war comes. The operation was led by Savinkov himself, anticipating its lightning success, and he called the invasion of Mitteleuropa after a prominent Russian general, Kutuzov.
It is the suddenness that plays into the hands of the Vozhd’: in a few months he has the opportunity to regain the lost territories and move on to Berlin! In addition, the large Russian community of Belarus and Ukraine are in favour of Savinkov's idea of a "triune people", and even divisions are ready to side with the Russians. Germany's goal is more difficult: to survive the retreat, to resist and counterattack. Fortunately, on the western border the war is over and the divisions are slowly moving east. Wilhelm III will receive a baptism of fire there, and show whether he is worthy of the imperial crown.
Old School BS
Before completing the PR, I would like to check you for attention. In front of you - a picture of the scenario of the Kaiserschlacht, which lies in the game files. Few guessed where he was from, and neither did I. However, I am actively modifying and unraveling other mods to DH (which are worth noting), and have noticed that this script is already in the original 1914 mod. I'm pretty sure we'll play it someday. Maybe in a few months. And no, this is not what you thought.
I think it is necessary to say bye to you. I’m convinced that you will get a lot of pleasure from battle scenarios. It's a good time to listen to Alex with very cool news!
Greetings everyone! I am Eberronguy with a very important announcement. We are close enough to finishing the Middle East update that we can proudly announce the release date! You can expect KRDH 19.3 “1001 Arabian Fights” On December 9th, 2020. The 15th anniversary of the original release of Kaiserreich: Legacy of The Weltkrieg for Hearts of Iron 2! I am super proud of the team for all the work we have put in and I can't wait to let all of you play it!
And thanks for the unquestionable confidence that KRDH is rising! And don't forget to check out PR next time!
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2020.11.22 08:14 itsetuhoinen [PI] A Demon From Earth (Ch 40)

Author's note: Break it down! Stop. Hammer time!
*gives the fourth wall the finger*
Current location: Justin, TX. In a truck with a flatbed trailer full of giant rolls of heavy gauge electrical cable. Six of them at 5800 lbs each. :-D
So... it's technically Sunday morning here... ;-)
Make sure to check in on Friday this week, there's a special episode coming out that day, despite not being on the schedule.
Also, going to once a week was the right answer for now. I haven't written a godsdamned word since I started this gig on Monday. Hell, I'm like fifty seven chapters behind on just reading First Contact, or however many Ralts has written since last Sunday... ;-)
First / Previous / [Next]()
It's hard to say for certain which is worse. The anniversary of my wedding, or the anniversary of my divorce. They both sucked out loud in their own special way. Being three days apart didn't help either.
The crappy dream I'd had definitely didn't help. Somewhere rural I didn't recognize, but seemed familiar at the time, with friendly neighbors. Green grass and a stream. And my maternal grandparents were there, dead these past twenty years. Which all sounds like an odd setup for a dream that left me sobbing as I woke from it.
But when I'd gone to hug my grampa, I'd squeezed too hard, and hurt him. Like, severely. His bones had crumbled under my hands and arms, and he'd dropped into my arms, paralyzed from the chest down. Grammie had kept saying how it was her fault, she should have warned me, something like that.
Needless to say, it wasn't the best start to my day.
All in all, I wasn't sure what it meant, and wasn't even the dream I'd have expected to wake up crying from, today of all days. The one where my ex and I were out hiking at Arches, and when we went to jump over a little crack between two rocks, which turned out to be an infinite abyss, and she lost her footing, and I missed her hand, and she fell screaming forever and I woke up screaming her name and howling with tears? That's the one I would have been expecting. Though I actually hadn't had that one in a long time, which was nice. Maybe my subconscious was finally accepting that she was gone or some crap like that. It had been five years, after all.
Still, no clue where the dream of my grammie and grampa came from, or the events in it. It wasn't like I'd seen them recently. Or that I'd ever physically hurt either of them. I'm sure I caused them plenty of mental pain over the years.
I wasn't exactly what any of my family would have really preferred me to be. I dunno. Maybe it was just some generic "I always hurt the people I love" bullshit.
At any rate, the Master Carver and his crew had apparently been hard at work turning out spear shafts. The Smith had sent word that there was a stack of about a thousand of them already. So I decided to put some of my angst to work by smashing hot steel with a big hammer.
I grabbed Corey after breakfast, and we walked over to the forge. I had a bag over my shoulder with a cordless drill in it, a magnetic base drill press that it fit into, along with a couple of spare batteries, and a pair of 3 pound hammers. Since I knew that the truck wasn't going to be moving for a couple of days at least, I'd pulled the solar panel array out so that both halves of it were catching the sunlight. That kept the battery banks charged up, and let me do useful things like charging cordless tool packs. Always being effectively noon was also a bonus for their efficiency. I'd left the rivets with the Smith, so at least I didn't need to carry those.
I told him about my dreams as we walked.
"Wow. That's definitely a grade A nightmare. You want a hug?"
"Ironic, given the dream, but yes."
He wrapped me in his arms, and I just stood there for a while, my temple against his, leaning on my friend's strength. Fortunately for my sanity, his ribs didn't collapse under my return embrace. Eventually we started walking again.
We didn't have either of our translators with us, but I was pretty sure we could manage this one with pantomime. It's just a hammer, whatever the language.
When we arrived, I saw that he and one of his apprentices were working on something I recognized as part of my trebuchet design. Not wanting to get in the way of progress there, Corwin and I stood back until he'd finished hammering on it and stuck it back in the fire. He said something to the apprentice running the bellows which was presumably an order to take a break, because he didn't start pumping, and then looked at us expectantly.
I grabbed one of the shafts and a spear head, then walked over to him. After placing them in his hands, I pointed to Corwin and I, then to my eyes, then to him, and then to the forge. He seemed to get the idea.
Jamming the head onto the shaft so that it was snug against the place where it widened out to the outside diameter of the tubing, he grabbed a brace and bit type drill, and carefully bored holes in the shaft through the holes my nephew had made in the spearhead. While he was doing that, the younger elf working with him took a pair of the rivets and started heating the shop head end in the riveting furnace. Once it was hot, the Smith grabbed one with some short tongs, put it in the hole, tapped it through with the hammer, then set the shop end in the rivet set built into the anvil and started hammering on the factory head. Five blows later, he dunked the shaft in the quench bucket, then grabbed the other rivet and repeated the process.
I took a look at the finished product, and that was a very nicely done rivet job. The guy clearly knew what he was doing. I nodded at him, and then bowed. I grabbed another pair of spear parts, checked his drill to make sure it was the diameter I expected, then put a bit in the cordless drill. Heh, this should raise some eyebrows. I pointed at the kid, and held up two fingers.
Fitting the parts together, I drilled the holes in the shaft. The speed made everyone's jaw drop. After the rivets had heated, I grabbed one with my pliers, stuffed it in the hole, set it on the anvil and gave it a whack with my hammer before hitting the quench, grabbing the next one, and setting it with yet another single blow.
I also knew what I was doing.
He looked at me with a bit of actual respect for the first time. I gestured to Corwin and myself, to the drill, and to the pile of spear shafts. After that, I pointed to him, and to the trebuchet part in the fire, and then the anvil.
Corey and I headed over to the pile. I pulled the drill press out and magneted it to a secondary anvil. We started assembling spears and drilling holes. I would put a spearhead on a shaft, and holding the head tightly, smack the butt against the stone wall. Then I'd hand it to Corwin, who would put it in the press with the shaft sitting on a sort of sawhorse thing he'd put together out of wood for the furnace, quickly toe clamp it, drill the first hole, shift it, and drill the second. I'd brought the drill jig from back home so that the spearheads remained perpendicular to the drill.
Two and a half hours later, we had a huge pile of spears ready to rivet together. The Smith was looking at us in awe. Or maybe that was just at the drill. It was certainly much faster than the manual one he was using, although significantly less simple to fix in this environment.
He'd been banging on trebuchet pieces the whole time but seemed to have reached a stopping point about ten minutes before we got the last of the spears ready. When we started ferrying the pile over to a convenient location, he and his apprentice came over to help. Once that was done, I handed the kid the box of rivets, and pointed to the furnace. I snickered and Corwin asked me what was up.
"I just thought of the apprentice over there as a 'kid', and he's probably five times our age or something."
"Heh. Yeah, it's a bit weird thinking that most of these people are older than Jamestown. Elves, man. At least they're not literally immortal, like Elrond's bunch."
"True enough."
With a couple of gestures, I indicated that we should take turns riveting and quenching. At least, I hoped that I did. I suppose we'd see how successful I had been when we got started.
After a bit of apparent confusion, we got a pretty good rhythm going. It actually turned out to be a lot faster for the Smith to handle the rivets from the furnace while his apprentice kept them rotating through and working the bellows. He'd grab a rivet and stuff it in a hole, I'd hammer and quench it, then Corwin would do one, and quench it, before cycling through and doing the second one on each spear. He seemed to really like the parallel jaw needlenose pliers. There was another junior apprentice who took the finished product off our hands afterwards, while we grabbed a new one from the ready pile.
After three hours of riveting, we broke for lunch. The Smith was fascinated by our hammers. He didn't seem to have any idea what to make of the fiberglass handles or rubber grips, but looked like he wanted one really badly. Since I'd stolen his big hammer earlier, I figured I could probably let him have this one. After we were done.
A few more hours, and we had a stack of a thousand new spears, ready to go. I presented him with the hammer. I'd want to use it again once it was time to crank out the rest, but at this pace we'd be done even before the ten days he had originally estimated. And getting to smash things had kept my mind off stuff for a while.
I was feeling kinda stinky after all that banging around, so I scooped some of the fairly warm water out of the double boiler tank for the still into a camp shower bag and set up some curtains, then washed myself. I had a wooden pallet that I had sanded and varnished, split half lengthwise with a stainless piano hinge sort of arrangement, with grip tape on it, that lived in one of the external cubbies in the truck box most of the time. It wasn't as good as an actual hot shower, but it was a fuck of a lot better than the cold bath I'd taken just before my flogging and the fight against the trolls. And I'd needed to shampoo and condition my beard anyway.
After I was dry and dressed again, I offered the facilities, such as they were, to Corwin, since he'd been swinging a hammer the same as me. I was pretty pleased that I'd managed to forget so much of the day.
Ivy came up just as Corwin was getting dressed.
"Hey, Fess. I'm sure you're aware, but… it's Samhain. I was going to have a bit of a ritual. You want to be a part of it?"
"You know the answer is no, and you know why."
"Yeah. I still figured it was more polite to ask than not."
"I suppose you're not wrong. I guess I'm just not ready yet."
"I'll come," Corey said, which kinda surprised me. I didn't think that was really his thing. Still, this far out in the black, maybe a ceremony for the dead wasn't the worst option.
They walked off together as Friday came over. She had a big pile of the printer paper I'd given them in her hands.
"Ok, so that was fascinating, but you could have warned me that it was twelve hours long. My hand started cramping and I had to ask the High Wizard to help. I hope it's worthwhile. Also, I ended up needing his help with the stuff that was already in some other language, and written on the screen."
"Oh, crap. I forgot all about that. Wait, how did you manage that, anyway?"
"You taught me how to read your language yesterday."
"You… learned how to read English from one hour-long lesson?"
"You showed me what sounds the letters represent, and I wrote down the closest, simplest corresponding letter of ours, and then when I saw something on the screen, I stopped the play and wrote it down in our characters, and then said it out loud. There weren't too many words with the lunacy where the one spelling can sound three different ways. And if something didn't make any sense to the High Wizard, or something was clearly the wrong word, I tried a couple of different ways to pronounce things, until we agreed that we had it right. Although there were a lot of things that never made any sense, but I think those must have been names, so I just listened to them a couple of times and made something up that sounded right, with our script."
"That's actually kind of amazing, Friday. It usually takes people several months, at a minimum, to learn how to read."
"It helped that I can already read, just not your script. And speak your language, thanks to the magic having worked when we brought Anneke here. Have you never learned a different writing system? You mentioned that there were quite a few of them."
I thought back to Russian class my freshman year of college, and how I'd struggled to learn Cyrillic. The elves were clearly a lot sharper than I'd been giving them credit for. Or at least some of them, in some ways.
"I… have, but it still took me a long time. Though, I was also trying to read a language I didn't actually speak. Still, you've impressed me, for whatever that might mean to you."
"Well, thank you. So, what's the point of this anyway?"
"Well, you saw how the movie turned out. Men and elves working together to defeat a terrible enemy? I think that might be exactly what your people could stand to see. It might be a work of complete fiction… or at least I think it's fiction, who knows anymore, but it's pretty inspiring anyway, isn't it?"
"And the part where Aragorn ends up being crowned king?"
"Aragorn ends up king of the humans. Don't worry. I have no intention of ruling anything. It's not really my style."
"Hmm. And Aragorn's relationship with Arwen?"
"Like I said, it's fiction. Why, are you offering? You looking for some sweet, sweet demon lovin', Friday?"
She looked horrified. "No! Um. No offense, but, you're not… ah…"
I laughed. "Don't worry about it. I didn't figure. I was just poking fun at you. Sorry. You may have noticed that my sense of humor is a little strange."
She muttered something in elvish under her breath.
"So, now that you have all this written down, how does that actually help?" she continued.
"Ok. So, conveniently, both Corwin and I have the sort of knowledge about what makes these machines work. I'm going to take the sheet you made with all of your letters on it, and turn them into what's known as a character set. Basically, everything that happens inside the machine is all numbers, and the numbers can be used to represent letters, or colors in a grid, which is how the pictures appear. I'm going to assign each of your letters a number, and Corwin is going to draw a picture of the letter it represents inside the machine. Then I'm going to use what's called a scanner to read everything you and Oz wrote down, and it's going to take it and convert it all into numbers which will then be able to be displayed on the bottom of the screen, so that your people can read what the people in the movie are saying. Uh… your people can all read, right?"
"Of course! Can't yours?"
"For the most part. But back when we were at the stage of technological development you are, it was very common for only a very few people to be able to read. So I wasn't sure. It only just occurred to me to ask, because it's so common for my people to be literate now."
"All of our people can read, once they reach 200 seasons or so. Although, I'm not sure if the children should see this. It's kind of scary at points."
"Aaand you've just reinvented the rating system for movies. Heh."
"What's that?"
"My people label movies like this according to the age of people who they think it's appropriate for. Some parents pay attention, others don't. This version of the film is one that would probably be rated as suitable only for adults. So you're on the right track thinking that the kids maybe shouldn't see it, though possibly anyone who has gotten to the point where they've started an apprenticeship would be ok with it. I dunno, you know your people better than I do."
"I'll discuss it with the High Wizard. He has children, after all."
"Good idea. So what did you think? You like it? I have more movies."
"Your people have made many of these?"
"Oh gods yes. We started making them 130 years or so ago, and we've probably made several million of them by now. Everything from huge productions like the one you just saw, with lots of fancy effects, to short films made on a tiny budget by independents. I actually want to make one myself, eventually, using these vehicles I build, which are themselves based on stuff I saw in a bunch of different movies other people had made."
I waved a hand broadly at Mercury and War God. "These two were inspired by vehicles from different movies in a series about a war fought between humans and unstoppable killing machines from the future called Terminators. Although, it was only the future when the first couple were made. The date it was supposed to happen in the 'future' has actually passed now. Fortunately, that really was fiction."
"Your people are so weird."
"Yeah, we kinda are. There's another series about people living after a different huge disaster, only they just fight each other, and they use vehicles to do it. The genre is called carpocalypse, and I love it. I've got a setting all figured out, but I don't have an actual story yet. I'm not a very good writer. Maybe I'll write this stuff down. It's crazy enough that everyone will think it's fiction anyway. Elves on a ringworld and psychic dinosaurs. Actually, it might be too weird to be believable."
"Yet, here you are."
"And my life being stranger than fiction really sorta sums things up. Anyway, thanks for doing this, Friday. Please convey my thanks to Oz as well. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this happen."
"When do you think it will be done?"
"Not sure. I've never encoded a character set before. I'll have to figure out how to encode subtitles, too. But the programs that play the movies have instructions included, so I should be able to figure it out. Ivy's one of the best people I know at reverse engineering software stuff -- and I know a lot of them -- so if I get stuck she can probably help too. Could be next week, could be next season. It also depends on what else I have to work on. Propagandizing the troops is important, but probably less important than making sure our weapons are ready."
"I would think so, although morale is vastly important for battle."
"That's definitely true. Heh. Maybe I should go back to the troll capitol and use it to demoralize them. Think it would work?"
"I think they'd stab you to death long before you got them to watch it."
"You're probably right. Oh well."
"Would you like to join the queen and I for dinner tonight? Will Ivy and Corwin be joining us as well?"
"Uh, yeah, sure. I'll come. They've got something else going on."
Oh if I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, a whole bunch of trolls!
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2020.11.21 22:35 TheXenoRaptorAuthor Dev Diary #1: Pace Vuota

Dev Diary #1: Pace Vuota

Meet the team!

Hello, my fellow Red Yankees, and welcome to Red Liberty!
I am TheXenoRaptor, official Lead Writer and unofficial token furry of the mod team, as well as lead dev for Russia! (Which is to say, I come up with ideas for Russia and then make everyone else figure out how to make them work, because I have the coding abilities of a squirrel on a caffeine-high).
I am joined on the team by several other people, all of whom are very cool. In no particular order, they are:
u/TheMapleTreeYT/Alexander: Mod Team leader and mastermind of the Red Liberty scenario, along with doing GFX stuff.
u/awesomem8112/That Guy: Moderator of the Red Liberty Subreddit and Discord server, along with being Germany’s lead dev.
Wobbly Wobbly: Coder and GFX technician.
AlfredVonBon: Coder, GFX technician, and grade-A flag-maker.
u/LaRevanchette/LaRevanchette: Writer and China’s lead dev.
Saba: Coder, writer, GFX technician, and Central Asia’s lead dev.
1290: Coder and writer.
Uomonormale: Writer.

What’s the scenario?

On the 14th of September, 1901, an assassin struck at President William McKinley, shooting him dead at close range before the shooter could be subdued. The death of McKinney led to the ascension of Theodore Roosevelt to the presidency, an event which marked the beginning of the Progressive Era in the United States, where monopolies were broken up, corruption was cracked down on, and social activism became the order of the day. This rise of moderate progressive politics served as a damper on the more radical reformists and revolutionaries within the United States, preventing the rapidly rising Socialist Party of America from realizing its full potential and ultimately remaining a relatively minor party.
But what if that assassin was subdued by a sharp-eyed secret service agent? What is Roosevelt, widely disliked by the Republican apparatchiks of his time, never rose to the presidency and ushered in the Progressive Era? And what if, in that climate of frustration of tension, Eugene Debs was elected to the presidency in 1912?
Comrades, that is the premise of Red Liberty!

How far along is development?

At the moment the mod is still in the late conceptual phase/early development phase. There are focus trees in progress for the USA, Germany, the RSFSR and Russian State, and Italy. Furthermore, we have some amount of lore written down for every major nation and some minor ones.
We do not currently have a release date, but we’re moving at a brisk pace towards a playable version, while toying with the idea of a demo of some kind. Either way, it’ll be a while before either is ready.

Italy: The Empty Peace

Today, for our first dev diary we’re going to be taking a look at Italy.
In the Red Liberty timeline, Italy fought in the Great War with the Entente, and despite four years of struggle from 1915 to 1919, they gained nothing from it when the war finally ended in what was was called a white peace. Bitterness and resentment from the Pace Vuota, the Empty Peace, quickly boiled over, and Mussolini’s Blackshirts marched on Rome in 1922.
Having secured power, the National Fascist Party went about enforcing its rule much as it did in our timeline. Due to Italy’s reliance upon the Entente for protection from the Central Powers, Mussolini had to play a delicate game of stoking nationalism and a warlike attitude at home, while trying to appease the British and French government, lest they cut Italy out of the Entente and leave her to the mercy of the Central Powers.
By 1936, the Fascists are secure in government, but their failure to revive or modernize the Italian economy is beginning to hurt their reputation and support. From here, Benito has three options; let liberal and conservative politicians into his government in order to try and bolster his legitimacy and popularity, keep his eyes straight ahead and continue with the status quo, or turn to the more radical members of his party and chart a new course, hoping that those new ideas will bolster his popularity.
Should Mussolini decide to invite the democrats into his government, they will immediately begin trying to undermine him.
Invite the Moderates in
After sabotaging his government from within and reducing Mussolini’s power to a fraction of what it once was, they will call an election that will finally oust him, and the ruling party will become either the Italian Liberal Party, or the Italian People's Party. Italy will transition into a democratic, constitutional monarchy, and will hold elections once more; the fascists defeated at last!
Holding the Elections
If he stays the course and keeps on going as he has been, then the first thing he will do is purge the government of all elements he perceives as disloyal. Anyone who wasn’t a die-hard fascist from the very beginning will have to go, and as the rank of the various traitors increases, the punishments will become increasingly severe.
Purge the Grand Council
Finally, with the ranks of the National Fascist Party and the Grand Council of Fascism thoroughly cleansed, Il Duce will be able to carry through with his ambitions of restoring Rome. Starting with that troublesome little thorn, Ethiopia.
Expand our Influence
And if Benito decides to turn to the radicals within his party, then he will stop holding back his true desires and start implementing the most radical policies from his days as just another politician desperate for attention. The national unions shall be empowered and set in charge of their factories (they shall be utterly subservient to the party, of course, but isn’t the party itself a manifestation of the true wishes of the working class?), the formerly left-wing and syndicalist members of the part will be elevated to the Grand Council, and, most ambitious of all, he will (attempt) to abolish the monarchy.
Returning to the Workers
And then, at last, Italy will be truly reborn!
Begin Italy's Rebirth
Of course, the more conservative faction of the party, along with the various branches of the military will not be happy about this turn of events, and may be motivated to do something about it…
And that’s it for Italy!
If you want to see more teasers (and fun moments from the team), come join us on our Discord at:
Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to seeing you next time!
submitted by TheXenoRaptorAuthor to RedLiberty [link] [comments]

2020.11.21 15:03 AmericanNewt8 Begun, the Drone Wars have: Turkey, Libya, Syria, the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict, and how drones are changing warfare

When you were voting, I studied the drone. When you were having coronavirus, I mastered electronic warfare. While you wasted your days at the firing range in pursuit of vanity, I cultivated force projection. And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for help.
--Anonymous Redditor, 2016 [translated by AmericanNewt8 into 2020ese]

A new kind of warfare has taken the world by storm this year. While most of us were preoccupied with the election, the coronavirus, and the other exciting events that have taken place over this year when decades happen, a small number of people have kept a close watch on distant battlegrounds in the Middle East; where the face of war has changed since January in ways that few would have predicted--and with it the region as a whole.

1. In the Beginning

But let's go back a ways; to the ancient world of circa 1980. Drones were not a new technology in any sense of the word--but they weren't particularly of interest beyond hobbyists, target drones, and occasional odd military projects like the D-21 reconnaissance drone. However, things were changing with the introduction of digital cameras and increasingly capable processors and transmitters as computers rapidly developed--and so it was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of that. That someone was the Israelis. Israel has a high level of technical expertise, large defense needs, but a relatively small industrial base, so it often pioneers technologies of this sort, and so it did with the Tadiran Mastiff.

This innovation quickly proved to be of significant utility in the First Lebanon War. Besides spotting Yasser Arafat, leader of the PLO, they played a crucial role in the still-infamous "Bekaa Valley turkey shoot" in which Israeli aircraft supported by UAVs destroyed a massive quantity of top-of-the-line Soviet hardware--almost 90 Syrian aircraft and 29 surface-to-air missile batteries at the total loss of minor damage to a pair of F-15s and one UAV shot down. Electronic warfare and AWACs control also proved crucial in this conflict, which in many ways paved the way for the successes of Desert Storm and the 2003 Iraq invasion; and reportedly shattered the self-confidence of the Soviet Union in its air defenses.

Since that first incident; UAVs have become an increasingly prominent part of the arsenal, particularly of the United States; though Israel and China also manufacture numerous UAVs and theirs are more popular in the export market due to lower prices and fewer scruples about "human rights" or "political stability". UAVs have become key reconnaissance assets and popular for precision-strike counter-insurgency missions. However, neither the United States nor China can claim credit for the latest developments--and Israel, at best, has played a peripheral role. The nation that everyone is watching now is Turkey.

2. Turkey

For most of history, Turkey; or at least the geographical area of Anatolia, was a great power of some shape or another. The modern Turkey, however, rejected the idea of empire and foreign adventurism under Ataturk; the father of the Republic. While it has generally tended towards the West--directed in that way both softly by the allure of Europe and drive for modernization; and with great force by the military, which has tended to depose any government that even hinted at reintroducing religious or Middle Eastern aspects back into the aggressively secular Republic, Turkey has not been a particularly major player in the past century. Despite joining NATO for protection against the Soviet Union--which despised Turkey's chokehold on the Bosporous--it never had much appetite for interventionism.

In the era of the "Great Convergence", where nations seem to be returning to historical norms of influence and power, it should be no real surprise then that Turkey has become more assertive. It has grown much wealthier thanks to its association with Europe; and that wealth is actually created by the Turks, not dug up out of the ground like it is in much of the Middle East. It is more educated; more progressive [this of course being a rather relative term] and, importantly, much better at fighting, than most of its neighbors.

Turkey has been working to build a domestic armaments industry with great success--barring a handful of key items like jet engines which hardly anyone can manufacture well, Turkey can do most things. In between indigenous development and picking up knowledge from South Korea, China, Ukraine, and so on, Turkey has one of the world's better arms industries--I'd say it's about reached the level that South Korea was at ten or twenty years ago, which is pretty good. Its drone program, however, started because of a different problem.

The Turks wanted drones back in the early 2000s for what we in the business call "reasons". Evidently the United States saw through this; because, despite allowing Turkey to license-assemble F-16s and build parts for the F-35, it did not sell Turkey drones for fear that they would be used against the Kurds[a perception that proved to be correct as Turkey has indeed used its UAVs against Kurdish insurgents]. As a result, Turkey decided to do it themselves, and started building up their own drone program from scratch. By the beginning of 2020, Turkey had a large drone program and advanced electronic-warfare equipment. But nobody was really paying attention to their drone program; it was a sideshow of limited interest compared to the big players, that would presumably be of some utility but not a game-changer. I mean, their premiere drone literally used an engine made for homebuilt aircraft and was the size and weight of a smart car. Nothing too impressive. That is, until January.

3. Libya

The Libyan conflict is a deeply convoluted one that is difficult to explain. In essence; Libya has been in some sort of civil war since Gaddafi was deposed in 2011, but the most recent division is between the GNA, or Government of National Accord--the UN-recognized government of Libya located in Tripoli--and the "Tobruk Government" which acts as a rubber-stamp body for Gaddafi wannabe General Haftar. Haftar started off this year with things looking pretty good. After breaking the second cease-fire agreement in as many years, flush with cash and support from the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and France, Haftar was on the move, pushing for Tripoli itself. It was going to take a while, but nothing could stop Haftar from defeating the ragtag GNA militias.

Nothing, that is, until Turkey unexpectedly showed up because of a completely different dispute over rights to the seas around Cyprus. Libya [the GNA to be precise] was willing to delineate its boundary with Turkey in a way which cut off Greek and Cypriot claims, and, in return, Turkey arrived after a highly contentious vote in the normally placid Turkish Grand National Assembly, with Syrian mercenaries in tow; but also a large number of drones--mostly the Bayraktar TB2-- and KORAL land-based standoff jammers.

What happened next was a deep humiliation for Russia in particular. Russia and the UAE had supplied General Haftar with a number of its premiere short-range air defense system, the much-vaunted Pantsir which was designed to shoot down UAVs, cruise missiles, and other small munitions. Unfortunately, the Pantsir proved much worse at shooting down Turkish drones than serving as target practice for them. Estimates suggest 23 systems were destroyed [Turkey even captured one system and presumably picked it apart for intelligence] while perhaps ~16 Bayraktar TB2 drones were destroyed--which doesn't sound terrible until one remembers that those drones caused significantly more destruction than the air-defense systems and come in at a third of the price; and becomes even less favorable when one realizes that as the conflict went on the ratio flipped increasingly in favor of the Turks. Ultimately, the Turks achieved their goal, with Haftar being pushed back to Sirte and another cease-fire agreement being signed. This conflict, however, has contributed significantly to the increasing rift between France and Turkey, and their respective relations with Russia.

4. Syria

Russia likes to test its luck--to see what exactly it can get away with. Invading Crimea, shooting down a civilian airliner, attempting to murder exiles with Novichok. Often, it does get away with it. But when nations actually push back, they often find great weakness--for instance, the infamous incident where Americans killed 200 Russian "mercenaries" in Syria after Russia denied they were Russian soldiers, or when American cyberwarriors shut down Russian trolls during the 2018 election. Nowhere is this more illustrated than in Syria, where, early this year, a "Syrian" airstrike killed 29 Turkish soldiers even though Russian involvement was an open secret.

What followed was not the usual vague condemnation and angry letter-writing that one might have expected. Instead, Turkey responded with a substantial escalation of force, again largely done by drones. Ultimately, around 200 Syrian government soldiers were killed in this short offensive--along with 45 tanks, 33 artillery pieces, 33 transport/utility vehicles, 20 armored vehicles, a pair of Su-24 aircraft that attacked a Turkish drone, and several SAM systems, which again proved largely ineffective against Turkish drones. While the conflict stopped before it went any further, the lesson was clear: Turkey was willing to escalate beyond where Russia was willing or able to respond, and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

Besides having a nice moral--extremely hard pushback is the best way to respond to Russian provocation, because they aren't expecting it and can't fight back since they lack effective escalation methods--this conflict proved again that Turkish drones were highly effective even against a state actor [albeit a weak one, like Syria]. The world watched--but nowhere else as closely as Azerbaijan.

5. Artsakh

Artsakh is; or perhaps more aptly was, an Armenian state--not recognized by any other state--within the borders of the former Azerbaijan SSR. It emerged out of the First Nagorno-Karabakh War, one of the nastier conflicts resulting from the breakup of the Soviet Union. In short; the Soviet Union put an ethnically Armenian area in the Azerbaijan SSR that was semi-autonomous; called Nagorno-Karabakh, that Armenians viewed as rightfully part of Armenia. When the Soviet Union broke apart--even before it had done so completely--Armenia and Azerbaijan were already engaging in low-level fighting; and in scenes reminiscent of the Partition of 1949, Azeris living in Armenia fled the country--as did their Armenian counterparts in Azerbaijan.

Then, as the Soviet Union properly collapsed, both sides geared up for war. The Soviet Union had left quite a lot of stuff lying around as it collapsed; and Azerbaijan ended up with the bulk of it due to the disposition of Soviet forces. Both sides bought black-market weapons and armaments from conscript soldiers in the confusion of the the collapse. And then they went to war.

The result was a years-long, brutal conflict that killed tens of thousands of people--in two relatively small countries--and, despite Azerbaijan having more equipment, more men, and more foreign support--from Turkey, which never had much love for Armenia and was building ties with the Turkic peoples of Central Asia [of whom the Azeris are one], and from Israel, who saw a potential new partner in a dangerous region. Armenia had some support from Russia, largely due to connections through a shared religion, nervousness about the Turks, and feelings among the Russian elite that were more sympathetic to Armenia.

However, against all odds, the Armenians emerged victorious. In 1994, with the Armenians poised to break out of the mountains and attack the heart of Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan exhausted from years of war, a cease-fire was signed.

From that day onwards; both nations began preparing for the return of conflict. It was only a matter of time. Armenia had not only taken Nagorno-Karabakh, they had taken large portions of ethnically Azeri land as well, including sites that were of paramount cultural and historical importance to the Azeris. They also engaged in ethnic cleansing, and to this day Azerbaijan, at least nominally, has hundreds of thousands of refugees from the conflict.

In the intervening years, however, things changed. In particular; Turkey rose to a newfound regional prominence, and Azerbaijan, though being careful to always maintain a measure of proximity to Russia sufficient to not cause its rulers concern, slowly drifted towards Turkey and Israel. Ties with Turkey stretched to a mutual defense agreement. Ties to Israel included offering potential basing in Azerbaijan, the sale of oil [not many nations would sell Israel oil until recently] along with shadowy intelligence connections--Mossad operations in Iran are believed to be launched out of Azerbaijan [for a number of reasons, Iran and Azerbaijan don't like each other very much]. And Azerbaijan, noted for its oil reserves as far back as the Second World War; collected large revenues which it sunk into military spending. Meanwhile, Armenia, despite making large purchases from Russia, fell behind in military readiness, and in its economy--not helped by the fact that, because of a mix of pro-Azeri Turkish policy and Armenian distrust and even hatred of Turkey [thanks to the fact that Turkey argues over whether even discussing "those unfortunate events of 1915" is okay], the Turkish border remains closed--meaning that trade can only go via Iran or Georgia.

Meanwhile, the peace process dithered on, with occasional small skirmishes breaking out. The regular theme was that Armenia would hand over the Azeri-majority [now unoccupied] territory it captured, and Nagorno-Karabakh would, in return, be recognized, or become autonomous, or something of the sort. The Minsk Group led these efforts; though not particularly well--all three members had significant biases. The Russians were pro-Armenian though not anti-Azeri [mostly, they were in favor of the status quo, which favored them], the French were pro-Armenian [on account of disliking Turkey and having a politically influential Armenian population much like the Cubans in Miami], and the Americans were sufficiently pro-Azeri that they created manuals like this and defending the fictional nation of Atropia [which just happens to be an oil-rich, pro-Western autocracy that is exactly where Azerbaijan is] against foreign invaders became a meme among the US military--you can buy "Atropia Veteran" swag, and it became so transparent that Europeans complained about "defending autocrats" in the exercise and Turkish officials complained that "Limaria" [Armenia] included areas that should have been in "Kemalia" [Turkey].

Ultimately, by 2020, a few things had changed. After victory in clashes in 2016, and purchases of new arms, Azerbaijan was confident that it wouldn't fail due to military incompetence like last time. Armenia had elected a new leader, more distant from Russia [especially since he came to power in a 'color revolution'], complicating any Russian response. Not only that, but Armenia had begun settling in territory that was formerly ethnically Azeri, and had attempted to rewrite history so the land they had taken was somehow always Armenian, making a land swap less tenable--especially after the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh was renamed to the Republic of Artsakh. Domestic protests about a lack of action on the issue further spurred action, but perhaps the most decisive factor was Turkey's drone-fueled rampage and Russia's no good, very bad year elsewhere [from the domestic economy to the chaos in Belarus].

So at the end of September 2020, they went to war.

6. Curb-stomp battle

Course of the conflict by Liveuamap

Initially, the war looked like it was serious, but not out of line with previous escalations. Azeri and Armenian forces clashed along the border--but then Azerbaijan made a major incursion along the southern border, which is flat and nearly completely unpopulated, and through the rest of the war pushed through there until they ultimately cut the single road leading to Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenia when they recaptured Shusha. At that point, Armenia capitulated.

While the exact details of why this happened are of relatively little importance, what does matter is what drones did. Armenian air defenses proved completely defenseless against the onslaught of Azerbaijan, with even larger and heavier systems like Russia's S-300 being destroyed by Turkish-manufactured drones. Even the An-2, a literal Soviet 1940s cropdusting biplane, proved lethal to air defenses when rigged with the right equipment.

As a result, Azerbaijan swept across Armenian forces with drones, targeting anything larger than a bicycle, destroying tanks, artillery pieces, and surface-to-air-missile systems alike. While initially Azerbaijan didn't advance, they pursued a strategy of attrition against Armenian forces--and were quite successful at it. Nowhere was safe for Armenian infantry--even miles behind the front, drones were still a risk. After a few weeks of this, Azerbaijan began their offensive. This was interrupted by several ceasefires, the most successful of which lasted around fifteen minutes.

In the meantime, Armenia and Azerbaijan engaged in tactics reminiscent of the War of the Cities. Armenians made rocket attacks on Azeri civilian targets, and even ballistic missile strikes with SCUDs and Tokchas against Ganja, an Azeri metropolis, with later attacks also taking place against Barda and other targets. Virtually all sources agree that Armenia conducted a deliberate policy of targeting civilians in retaliation from the advance of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan, meanwhile, adopted what I would characterize as a callous indifference to Armenian civilian lives. We have relatively little documentation on exactly what they did, but it is likely that major war crimes were committed against Armenian prisoners. However, we do know that rockets and cluster munitions were used against civilian areas of Stepanakert. By and large, though, Azerbaijan's government is mindful of global sensitivities and would rather avoid making itself a bigger villain than it has to be.

7. Ending

By the first week of November, despite appearances, it had become clear Armenia was losing. While they still held most of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azeri forces were rapidly closing in on the major road [1 of 2] that connects Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia proper. Armenian forces were demoralized and lacked heavy equipment. Civilians fled; with most of the population of Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, fleeing before the road was cut. Analysts had few doubts that, within another few weeks, before winter arrived, Azerbaijan could take all of Nagorno-Karabakh.

But fortunately, several factors coincided. First, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan realized the situation Armenia was in, and presumably began talking about peace. President [and resident dynastic autocrat] of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev had achieved most of the territorial gains he wanted, but as far as I can tell had little to no interest in making his country notorious for what would surely be the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of people. Russia was interested in making sure that any deal possible happened that could salvage its privileged position in the region. And since Azerbaijan had acheived its major goals, Turkey was alright with suing for peace as well.

The final impetus was provided by the Azeris taking Shusha, the second-largest city in the region [and one of tremendous cultural importance to the Azeri people], and, at around the same time, the Azeris accidentally shooting down a Russian attack helicopter on the border.

The ultimate deal was incredibly favorable to the Azeris, which should be expected given that they could have taken the rest of the region with relative ease. It involved Armenia vacating most of Nagorno-Karabakh and all the ethnically Azeri land they had taken, bar the Lachin Corridor. Of particular importance to Turkey, and to the Azeri economy, was that the deal created a corridor through Armenia to Azerbaijan's western exclave, and hence to Turkey, for transit. While still an indirect route, it is nowhere near as difficult as traveling around through Georgia. Russia also got to pretend like it still mattered by deploying a few thousand peacekeepers for what seems likely to be a limited time.

Azerbaijan celebrated. As far as anyone was concerned, they had won. Turkey also celebrated--they had, in their view, not only supported the Turkic Azeris in a victory against the Armenians, but also won a battle against Russia to see whom was the real dominant power in the Caucasus. Russia didn't celebrate, but felt that it had at least maintained some sort of influence in the region when initially things looked like they might ultimately sideline Russia entirely. Armenia, however, unsurprisingly, was enraged, and rioters smashed government buildings and forced Prime Minister Pashinyan into hiding; however, it looks like the Armenians realize that they really had no chance of winning and aren't going to resume the conflict.

8. What Now?

In a strange twist of fate, there is some speculation that peace is now more likely than it was before the war. In particular, some think that Turkey will be interested in finally coming to terms with the Armenians and opening its border with Armenia--which would significantly reduce Russian influence in the region and promote economic development--and some speculate that Azerbaijan may now be willing to make a lasting peace deal since it has, essentially, all that it wants.

This war chronicles one of this year's themes--the decline of Russia, and rise of Turkey. I would expect to see more conflict between them in the future, and I'd expect to see, in a strange historical irony, Turkey coming out on top. Russia has not had a very good year at all and I think this conflict is really just the latest example of how far it has fallen in its military capabilities and political influence despite what Putin shows off.

Small drones are now the obsession of every military planner, as is trying to figure out a way to shoot them down reliably. Already a number of nations have expressed interest in buying the Turkish drones that had such a decisive impact on these conflicts. It seems likely that this will especially transform lower-end conflicts where foreign powers can now intervene without risking more than a few million dollars in equipment, and where local powers can now field their own drones and precision-guided munitions while being, for the moment, largely unopposed.

Whatever the ultimate impact, though, it is undeniable that this change in warfare has been one of the more important and interesting bits of 2020 thus far, though it's behind some truly massive things. Unlike the coronavirus, or Donald Trump, however, these trends are probably with us to stay for a while. I don't think we've heard the last of the drone-warfare revolution yet.
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